3 Crucial Tips – Social Media Strategy, ROI & The User Experience 2018.

Hot & Delicious Rocks The Planet! Generating more sophisticated Strategy and Content for your brand! Photo credit: Dan Wilkinson.

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Well now, what an amazing year 2017 has been!

After taking the leap of faith and leaving my role as Social Media Lead at SapientNitro Australia to step back into my own Social Media Strategy & Content Production business, I have relocated to Sydney from Melbourne (via Los Angeles) to take on Cancer Council Australia as a client, significantly diversified our depth of experience across a range of different industries, lectured social media strategy in university at Macleay College in Sydney for the first time, had my own radio show on Bondi Beach Radio and run a series of live podcasts including the International Business Review Conference in Melbourne just 2 weeks ago!

Over the past year or so, Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! have worked Cancer Council Australia, Planet Life Balance Virtual Reality Greening app, Moula fintech, Mahlab Agency (global B2B business, hbf insurance), REBORN Agency,  and Cherry Blooms global cosmetics brand providing a range of services including a full audit of organisational digital ecosystems and assets, the generation Best Practice Social Media Playbooks and Monthly Reporting templates, creation of systems and processes to improve internal/external ways or working and 2-3 year strategic roadmaps.

3 key points have only further solidified in my mind over this time. We as Social Media Strategists, Creatives and Account Management teams need to push our teams and our clients to be more sophisticated in the creation of through-the-line strategies and content that generate Social Social Media designed for the User Experience, Funnel Strategies that drive ROI and evolve our approach for the The Next Wave of Brand Influencer Campaigns.

Inspirational quotes do zero for your brand objectives unless you’re a meditation/yoga business or run a speaker agency, cat videos and dog memes aren’t suitable unless you’re Whiskas or Chum and generic lifestyle/beauty products laid out on a towel on the beach is just not doing much of value to sales or a connection with your brand.

If you haven’t implemented the following in your agency or brand yet, then this is where you need to start in 2018:

  1. Social Social Media + UX – Generate Content That You’d Want To See In Your Own Mobile Newsfeed. Don’t use social media to yell at people! Billboards ≠ Effective Content.
  2. Create a Funnel Strategy. Create strategic content and advertising campaigns to drive results and client ROI.
    1. Design or re-design your digital ecosystem with specific roles.
        1. Assess your current digital ecosystem.
        2. Determine where your target audience are playing.
        3. Assess what ad solutions best suit your objectives and target audience penetration.
    2. Ladder your Content Pillars -> Social Media Objectives -> Business Pillars.
    3. Utilize your content and ad spend as part of a Funnel Strategy.
  1. The Next Wave of Brand Influencer Campaigns – Pivot from the wanna-be Instagram model to working with and upskilling influencers to create campaigns with a measurable uplift in Sales and Return On Investment.

Want to delve into this further? Check out this LIVE at Future Social Media 2017: Social Social Media + UX, Funnel Strategy and The Next Wave of Brand Influencer Campaigns feature presentation and podcast that I recorded with Carat media agency Senior Business Manager, Harry McGoldrick at International Business Review Conference 2 weeks ago and download the accompanying deck/resources here!

And if you, your agency, your business, your brand or your client are looking to transform the way you approach social media, designed for both the User Experience AND ROI… then let’s chat. Drop me a line:

Dan Wilkinson info@hotndelicious.com

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Dan Wilkinson works as a Manager, Marketing Strategy & Analysis – Social Media at SapientNitro Australia and is founder of music industry biz, Hot & Delicious Group.
Hot & Delicious Rocks The Planet! Generating more sophisticated Strategy and Content for your brand! Photo credit: Dan Wilkinson.


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