Hayden Calnin signs global music deal, new single & taking on the world!

Hayden Calnin drops by our castle in the sky.

Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast series

Interview #38 – Hayden Calnin (Singer/Songwriter & Producer).

I’d like to say that one of my skill-sets is being able to spot a like-minded soul at 10 paces and in many ways, prolific Australia singer-songwriter and producer, Hayden Calnin, is one of those.

At the moment, everything Hayden Calnin touches turns to gold – by holding himself to his “putting everything into what you do” attitude, Hayden has put himself in a position where the world is at his feet – from having music featured on hit American TV shows Suits/Parenthood/Teen Wolf, to the magic of his latest single ‘White Night’,  festival slots at Falls Festival and NYE on the Hill  and being asked by the next crop of amazing Australian musicians to produce their music.. just because they want to tap into his skill-set as a creator… HOWQUA, Eliza Hull… seriously.. watch this space… 

Yes, the good news is if you’re not in Australia, Hayden Calnin is going to be coming to your home-town very soon… Europe, Canada, USA… all now targets on his hitlist having just inked a global booking deal with major players The Agency Group in North America and Europe, so if you haven’t heard his shit yet, I promise you will… very very shortly.

I invite you now to sit back and enjoy our chat, as we flick back and forth between his life in music and Hayden as a person covering everything from his favourite authors to the inspirational figures in his life, his first ever memory as a child at his German grandparents’ house hunting for Easter Eggs, life philosophies and his work with young Australians, teaching music and connecting with our youth at one of Melbourne’s juvenile detention facilities.

Love it! And man, the first time you hear this guy perform live, it’s like… “Wow, that just happened… I want more!” – a must see for anyone with a modicum of taste in live musical performance

Hayden Calinin. Selfless, soulful and inspiring… Enjoy! 

Free Download #38 – Hayden Calnin (Singer/Songwriter & Producer).  

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