Archie Rose Distilling Co founder Will Edwards. Taking Australian spirits to the world! | Podcast Interview

Will Edwards (Archie Rose Distilling Co founder) joins us on the Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! podcast in Sydney
Will Edwards (Archie Rose Distilling Co founder) joins us on the Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! podcast in Sydney

DOWNLOAD the PODCAST – #99 Will Edwards (Archie Rose Distilling Co founder).


Founded in by Sydneysider Will Edwards, Archie Rose Distilling Co was inspired by both the distilling industry of Tasmania and the urban distilleries that call New York and London home.

In March 2015, Archie Rose Distilling Co. became the very first multi-spirit distillery in Sydney in over 160 years, with a mission to honour Sydney’s rich, spirit-making past by producing handcrafted, premium and unique spirits, including gin, vodka and whisky.

In today’s podcast we chat about leaving a job you hate to pursue your passions, what it takes, Luke’s fascinating journey of discovery from the urban distilleries of Brooklyn to farmer distillers in Tasmania, Archie Rose Distilling Co’s world first Tailored Spirits range, which allows customers to create their very own gin, vodka or whisky (including their name on the bottle) and the brand new Archie Rose Launches Distiller’s Strength Gin – launched last month and packed with fifteen individually distilled botanicals, including fresh pears from Orange, NSW (Will’s family’s home town), rose petals, elderflower, pronounced juniper and distilled honey direct from Archie Rose’s rooftop beehives.

Oh, and you heard it here first folks! In November,Archie Rose Distilling Co are all set to launch yet another amazing Archie Rose product called Virgin Cane Spirit! (it’s rum but you can’t call it rum… oh wait… 😃✨).

Exciting podcast with this Aussie go-getter who’s taking Australian spirits to the world! 

Let’s get into it! 

DOWNLOAD the PODCAST – #99 Will Edwards (Archie Rose Distilling Co founder).

Article & podcast by Dan Wilkinson of Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet!  🍻🎙✌🏻
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 DOWNLOAD the PODCAST – #99 Will Edwards (Archie Rose Distilling Co founder).

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