Jules Lund – The Evolution from Entertainer to Entrepreneur – Tribe App founder!

Hilarious & inspiring podcast chats with Tribe App founder, Jules Lund.
Hilarious & inspiring podcast chats with Tribe App founder, Jules Lund.

Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast series

Interview #55 Jules Lund (Tribe App Founder, Radio & TV personality).


Sweet catch-ups by me and my dirty pornstar moustache with Tribe App founder, radio personality
& TV presenter, Jules Lund about his recent foray into the digital space and the launch of game-changing influencer platform, Tribe app.

Reebok, Sony Music, Grill’d, Contiki, Paramount Pictures and American Express are just a few brands
who have jumped on board this self-serve platform designed to match Australia’s most influential people with brands around the country.

And I’m not just talking celebrities, I am talking about everyday Australians who have built their own personal brands through early adoption, well crafted social media content and have built audiences in beauty, fashion, sport, health, travel and entertainment just by staying true to who they are and being themselves.

There are over 250,000 people in Australia with more than 5,000 followers on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and this is the perfect opportunity for both brands and influencers to not only cash in on a mutually beneficial relationship, but connect people with brands they want, build communities that individuals can feel a part of and create the most wonderful premium content, which in turn works to turn the tide against our social media newsfeeds being consistently populated by overly branded garbage that so many misguided brands strive to push upon consumers.

Jules and I chat about those moments when you scare the f*ck out of yourself by taking a leap of faith, being hypnotised and inspired by former AFL footballer and mentor, Jim Stynes, Adele and fake Wiki facts,  mindfulness and Smiling Mind, the wonderful guidance of Matt Berriman and Jane Martino who have helped take Tribe to another level, Sony, One Direction and a 1D fan earned some serious cash money for nail art on Instagram.. yes, I’m serious…

This podcast is one for the entrepreneurs, marketers and start-up fiends… it’s all about
empowering people, influencers creating amazing content the way they want to create it and getting paid for the pleasure.Super cool chats with Jules Lund… yes, let’s get amongst it!

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Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast hangs with Jules Lund (Tribe App).
Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast hangs with Jules Lund (Tribe App).
Dan Wilkinson works as a Manager, Marketing Strategy & Analysis – Social Media at SapientNitro Australia and is founder of music industry biz, Hot & Delicious Group.

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