Craft Beer podcast: The Story behind Nine Fingers Brew.

DOWNLOAD the PODCAST via iTunes – #197 David Anderson – Nine Fingers Brew cofounder & head brewer.

Nine Fingers Brew is one of Sydney’s exciting new Inner West craft beer breweries and cofounder & head brewer, Dave Anderson is a super inspiring guy!

A home-brew fanatic from a young age, after losing his finger in an circular saw accident on a construction work-site Dave was determined to take life by the horns, created his own construction business and after winning multiple awards for his home-brews, turned his hand to bring his brewery dreams to life!

Determined and centred, this wonderful chat with Dave Anderson illustrates that we can and should have multiple careers across this lifetime of ours, how we can be so much more than one dream and learning how to pivot when things don’t quite go the way we expected.

We chat beer, we drink beer, talk about Sydney Beer Week, the upcoming Sydney launch of their latest beer Waltzing Ma Pilsner & much, much more!

Let’s get into it!

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DOWNLOAD the PODCAST via iTunes – #197 David Anderson – Nine Fingers Brew cofounder & head brewer.

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