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Interview #5 – Matt Walters – Australian independent singer-songwriter.

Man, I fuckin’ love this chat. Today we’ve got a special treat.. we’re sitting down with Aussie independent musician Matt Walters who’s jams have been seen & heard on YouTube by millions around the world

Matt and I grew up on the same street in Melbourne, Australia and didn’t really know each other that well although our families knew each other. Then some 20+ years later I’m seated next to Matt a concert and we get chatting not knowing who the other was before it all dawned on us. And then I bump into him again two weeks later at iconic Melbourne music venue, Cherry Bar.. I don’t believe in fate, but I do believe in seizing opportunities and so I invited Matt along for this podcast.

Man, when the conversation flows, it flows.. so without further ado… sit back relax and enjoy our interview with independent Australian singer-songwriter Matt Walters.

Listen to our interview with Matt Walters here.

Killer views from podcast central!

Killer views from podcast central

Australian independent singer-songwriter Matt Walters

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