FuckUp Nights, Entrepreneurship & Tenacious Ambition. Garry Williams on Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! | Episode #133

Garry Williams (General Assembly Australia – Partnerships Lead, FuckUp Nights organizer) joins Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet!

DOWNLOAD the PODCAST – #133 Garry Williams (General Assembly Australia – Partnerships Lead, FuckUp Nights organizer). 

Ever wanted to have the gumption to just say…”Fuck it! I am going to chase my dreams?”

No? Well, listen in, ‘cause me and Gaz Williams are living and breathing examples of how to pave that road to success with an tenacious, unwavering ambition fuelled by a desire tobe happy and love what you do in life.

The Partnerships Lead for General Assembly launched FuckUp Nights in Melbourne a year ago, a global movement founded in Mexico that has spread like wildfire from the likes of Istanbul to New York to Tel Aviv and now Australia, where start-up founders, small business owners, entrepreneurs and inspiring entrepreneurs meet-up to soak up the stories of failed businesses/projects by now successful businessmen and women.

And yes, FuckUp Nights is now coming to Sydney! Next week on Friday 9th of June, Gaz Williams and his crew are launching FuckUp Nights Sydney at the picturesque Circular Quay at the Overseas Passenger Terminal next to Sydney Harbour Bridge, right near Sydney Opera House and yes, you can be a part of it!

Super inspiring tale of one of the main people that drives me to push myself further. Download this show and learn the secrets to drive, ambition and success.

Let’s get amongst it!

DOWNLOAD the PODCAST – #133 Garry Williams (General Assembly Australia – Partnerships Lead, FuckUp Nights organizer). 

Article & podcast by Dan Wilkinson of Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet!  🍻🎙✌🏻
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