Melbourne, coffee & streetart – why Facebook video is the way forward.

#Melbourne, #coffee & #streetart by Linchpin Studios
                                       ‘#Melbourne, #coffee & #streetart’ by Linchpin Studios

Melbourne, coffee & street art. Is there anything more iconic to Melbourne life?

And this walking video tour from Flinders St Station through Degraves St and down the graffiti alleys of Melbourne CBD by Linchpin Studios just captures that vibe wonderfully! 

Despite the choice in music selection (apologies Mick! 😜 – that’s just my personal opinion, plenty of others clearly loved it), for me as a social media professional, this kind of creative storytelling is the type of content that as a consumer I crave. The kind of content that cuts through the endless swathe of so-called inspirational quotes on white backgrounds that people carelessly pass off as creative and the millions of self-indulgent selfies that so many of us think that the world wants to see (yes, we’re all guilty of selfies, but I guarantee that you’ll be seeing a lot less of these on our Instagram account moving forward).

And as I advised all of my clients at the end of 2015, with the likes of Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Periscope, Vine and more continuing to strive to tap into those valuable Google/YouTube cash money media dollars, video content is going to continue to be prioritised by platforms in the consumer mobile newsfeed and its imperative that even those in small business find a way to execute video as part of their monthly content calendar.

Many of us won’t have considered this, but every single time that you open up the Facebook App on your mobile, there are well over 1500 pieces of content that Facebook are trying to squeeze into your newsfeed and therefore optimising content for the Facebook Newsfeed algorithm and ensuring premium storytelling for the consumer experience is absolutely key.

Case in point. In late January, producer Mick Russell from Linchpin Studios posted this‘#Melbourne, #coffee & #graffiti’ creative video on their business Facebook Page. Less than two weeks later, the video has enjoyed well over 280K+ Video Views, 3.7K Shares, 1200 new Facebook fans and 400+ Comments from around the world. “But what about the Facebook Advertising Spend?” I hear you say… Well. $2 and 9 cents… yep, you heard it…$2.09 and that off only 200 original Facebook fans on their Facebook Page… This shit went viral! Imagine what it would be like with another cheeky $50 media spend behind it… or $100!

By capturing an audience-centric moment in time that so many Melbournites and tourists like you & I experience every single day, Linchpin Studios have tapped into our hearts and minds resulting in wonderful digital traffic for their business through a simple, but inspired piece of creative storytelling. It doesn’t have to cost tens of thousands of dollars. It just has to be well executed and mean something.

Creatives… throw your meme & inspirational template kits in the bin, stop slapping your brand’s logos and text lock-ups over everything immediately and start thinking about how you can start using platform functionality and amazing storytelling through video content to capture our imagination.

We’re ready and waiting!

#Melbourne, #coffee & #streetart by Linchpin Studios

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