The Entrepreneurial Comedian. Greta Lee Jackson (Skit Box) | Podcast Episode #101

DOWNLOAD PODCAST – #98 Comedian Greta Lee Jackson of Skit Box. Love love LOVE that more and more influencers and creators are reaching out via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and email to join me as guests on the Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! podcast.   I’ve been hearing from fans that I previously didn’t even know existed and it’sContinue reading “The Entrepreneurial Comedian. Greta Lee Jackson (Skit Box) | Podcast Episode #101”

Melbourne, coffee & streetart – why Facebook video is the way forward.

Melbourne, coffee & street art. Is there anything more iconic to Melbourne life? Creatives… throw your meme & inspirational template kits in the bin, stop slapping your brand’s logos and text lock-ups over everything immediately and start thinking about how you can start using platform functionality and amazing storytelling through video content to capture our imagination.