Comedy Film Nerds – Stars Wars, LA Podfest & the launch of Ear Buds Podcast Movie!

We catch-up with Comedy Film Nerds' Graham Elwood & Chris Mancini to chat Star Wars - The Force Awakens, EarBuds podcast documentary and LA Podfest.
We catch-up with Comedy Film Nerds’ Graham Elwood & Chris Mancini to chat Star Wars – The Force Awakens, EarBuds podcast documentary and LA Podfest.

Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast series

Interview #59 Comedy Film Nerds.

What I love about my life is that every single important career decision that I’ve made has been the result of taking a leap of faith… 

12 months ago I didn’t know Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini AKA Comedy Film Nerds, creators of Ear Buds: The Podcast Documentary
and 2 of the 4 founders of LA Podcast Festival… and here we are… January 2016, now mates and working on several wicked projects, brought together by the power of podcasting!In May last year after recording a Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast with American comedian, podcast and 1 of LA Podfest co-founder, Dave Anthony, I approached Dave about having Hot & Delicious join the line-up and drive social media for LA Podcast Festival.
Flash forward 8 months and I’m sitting in a Melbourne CBD hotel room recording a podcast with the Comedy Film Nerds duo about their Ear Buds: The Podcast Documentary launch, LA Podfest and the Australian Star Wars – The Force Awakens premiere, which one of the CFN podcast fans, Eric Cullen, stumped up $5K cash so that Graham and Chris could fly halfway across the world to attend the premiere, then record a dual Star Wars spoiler podcast episode collaboration with Steele Saunders for Steele Wars and Comedy Film Nerds.
Today we chat about jetting to New York, Japan, outback Australia and around the globe to film the Ear Buds: The Podcast Documentary (due out in 2016), raising $140K in 40 days on Kickstarter and only hitting the target 30 minutes before deadline, how podcasting is changing the USA showbiz machine, building digital communities and the impact that podcasting has had on our respective lives, geeking out over the Star Wars – The Force Awakens premiere, including our Star Wars memories from childhood and how it’s part of the driving force 😉 for Graham and Chris in their careers today, LA Podcast Festival and so much more…If you’re a Comedy Film Nerds fan, a Star Wars tragic, podcast lover or a die-hard movie groupie, then this is the episode for you… I’ve already had a sneak peak of the Ear Buds: The Podcast Documentary and it is a beauty!

Here… we… go…

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