Tinder App partners with Rock The Vote to drive USA youth market to the polls.


Welcome to the USA!

Where Tinder is used to drive the young people of America to the polls!

After a 2 week stint in Texas hanging out with friends in Dallas, Houston and soaking up the wonderment that is SXSW, I have touched down in Los Angeles.

Kickin’ it in Burbank for the week, I opened up the Tinder App the other day (for research purposes I swear! 😉) to be quite surprised at what I found; not so much the diversity of people on the app compared to Australia or the volume of stunningly beautiful, single women in the greater Los Angeles area, but that Tinder have partnered with the largest nonprofit and nonpartisan organization in the United States, Rock The Vote, to drive the youth vote for this year’s presidential elections.

Tinder have launched the ‘Swipe the Vote’ video card and utilized the app’s world-renown Swipe Right/Swipe Left method, to deliver a user-friendly experience to educate, influence and drive America’s youth to the polls.

Once the Tinder app user has swiped through ten of the USA’s hottest issues, they are matched with the presidential candidate who best matches their views:

  1. Increase funding for education?
  2. Keep Same-Sex Marriage Legal?
  3. Protect a Woman’s Right to Choose.
  4. Drill for oil and gas in the USA?
  5. Increase the minimum wage?
  6. Abolish the death penalty?
  7. Repeal “ObamaCare?
  8. Legalize Marijuana?
  9. Decrease military spending?
  10. Stricter laws for online piracy?

Despite Rock The Vote being a non-partisan organization, I can definitely see this campaign being of significant benefit to the man I matched with myself. Bernie Sanders!

A solid mechanic and project designed to target the American youth market in an environment that they feel comfortable in, I give Tinder/Rock The Vote 10/10 for delivery.

Makes me wonder if the Australian market will see an similar execution in the not-too-distant future!

Article by Dan Wilkinson (Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet!).

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Snapshot of the Tinder App campaign partnership with Rock The Vote:

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