Aerosol Alley 2 – the magic of Melbourne streetart.

Photo credit: Dan Wilkinson

Melbourne… the self-proclaimed sporting, music, food & cultural capital of Australia. And a significant part of the melting pot of culture & a reflection of Melbourne’s diverse walks of life reside in its street-art. I love this city. 

2 years back, webzine and local artist Wayne Tindall started a project in Melbourne’s inner-city backstreets to transform a seedy Windsor laneway into a gallery and meeting point for Australia’s finest street-art.

Travelling under the unofficial nickname of “Aerosol Alley”, the laneway eventually captured the imagination of the local council, Stonnington, who renamed the space “Artists Lane” and encouraged rather than hindered the project. A positive sign of the times.

Now supported by local businesses and the local community, last weekend Wayne and the crew threw a party for Aerosol Alley’s 2nd birthday and celebrated by reinvigorating Artists Lane with live painting by 20+ of Melbourne’s top graffiti & street artists.

Perfect blue skies, urban beats and a few cheeky ales gave way to this a little laneway of magic.  

Beauty is Everywhere.


Aerosol Alley 2 artists include:
Drewfunk, Putos, Silk Roy, Loadz, Presto, Ero, Senekt, Bailer, Facter, Ohnoes, Amac, Jak Rapmund, Paners, Woke, Jojo Spins, Jack Frost, Short, Choq, Jack Douglas, Makatron, Heesco, Ryan Boserio, Troll, Mysterious Al, Pierre Llloga, Unwell Bunny, Rus Kidd, Frosk, Jonathan Guthmann, Ashley Goudie and INK & CLOG (Singapore).

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Artists Lane, Melbourne. Photo credit: Dan Wilkinson (Hot & Delicious Group) ©
Artists Lane, Melbourne. Photo credit: Dan Wilkinson (Hot & Delicious Group) ©

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