Nath Valvo is turning 30 & damn funny!

Nath Valvo 'Almost 30'

After a swag of sold-out sessions at Melbourne Comedy Festival 2012, Nova FM radio personality Nath Valvo returns to MICF 2013 with a hilarious new show ‘Almost 30’.

‘Almost 30’ is a series of snapshots of Nath’s life so far as he regales us with outstanding and almost unbelievable birthday tales, including Mum getting drunk & re-enacting his birth in front of his entire 16th birthday party and being propositioned by a rather large gentleman at a gentleman’s club in New York City.

I was halfway across the world a few weeks ago when met Nath’s PR agent in Austin at SXSW and upon my return to Oz, Cara dropped me an invite to see his show. Generally I dread post-show catch-ups with friends performing, producing or doing PR for stand-up comedy, because in reality I’m genuinely only entertained at maybe 1 in 10 shows if I’m lucky. Comedy is so subjective and in my mind the toughest art-form there is.

Fortunately, Nath Valvo had me chuckling from word go, particularly when he grabbed 2 of my friends early in the piece from the front row (rookie error), blind-folded them and had them dancing like marionette monkeys to dub-step.. awesome!

Nath’s use of audience participation is fantastic, engaging crowd members in one-on-one conversations, flirting shamelessly with one in particular that caught his eye and pretty much the entire crowd are potentially props in a fast-moving set filled with cheeky quips and one-liners.

Nath Valvo scores a ✯✯✯✯ Hot & Delicious Rating.

Definitely worth fitting in your Melbourne Comedy Festival calendar if you’re chasing that illusive guaranteed laugh!

Nath Valvo Almost ’30

Show Dates: 28 March – 21 April 2013 (excl. Mondays)
Times: 9:30 PM (Sunday 8:30 PM)
Prices: Wed-Sat $20 (Conc $17) | Sun & Tues $15 | Group (5+) $15
Venue: The Annex – Trades Hall
54 Victoria St (cnr Lygon St)
Carlton VIC 3053

Media Contact: Cara Williams, Publicity Manager
T: 0401 275 863 / E:

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