Comedy Podcast Feature: Sam Taunton (comedian, writer & MTV presenter)

DOWNLOAD the PODCAST – #155 Sam Taunton (comedian, writer & MTV presenter).  It’s amazing the friends and connections that you can make through social media if you put yourself out there! This week’s very special guest on Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! is comedian, writer & MTV presenter, Sam Taunton. Sam and I met via Twitter through Sri Lankan-bornContinue reading “Comedy Podcast Feature: Sam Taunton (comedian, writer & MTV presenter)”

Nath Valvo is turning 30 & damn funny!

After a swag of sold-out sessions at Melbourne Comedy Festival 2012, Nova FM radio personality Nath Valvo returns to MICF 2013 with a hilarious new show ‘Almost 30’. ‘Almost 30’ is a series of snapshots of Nath’s life so far as he regales us with outstanding and almost unbelievable birthday tales, including Mum getting drunk &Continue reading “Nath Valvo is turning 30 & damn funny!”