Facebook signals clear intent to take on Google – announcing new embedded video player at F8.

Facebook F8 Developer Conference

Facebook has been rolling out a bunch of changes over the past 6 months to take on the likes of Google (in particular YouTube).

One of their latest changes announced at F8 Developer conference overnight is that they’re launching an embedded video player that allows Facebook-hosted videos anywhere on the web (like YouTube or Vimeo).

On it’s own it doesn’t appear to be a particularly innovative approach, but is a simple, highly effective game-changer as Facebook continues its focus on video and renews its clear intent to dip into the pool of video advertising $$$.

With Facebook Native Video (video posted directly to Facebook) being optimized for the Facebook algorithm and thus receiving significantly higher views than a YouTube link posted to a brand’s Facebook Page timeline, brands will need to weigh up the value and strategy around where they host the videos displayed on their website in the not to distant future.

Food for thought.


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