Star Wars, Steele Wars & the stuff that dreams are made of.

I Love Green Guide Letters 200th Episode with Steele Saunders, Ronny Chieng, Dave Thornton and Fiona O’Loughlin.

Interview #61 Steele Saunders Mark II. Part 1.

Interview #62 Steele Saunders Mark II. Part 2.

Australian comedian, podcaster & businessman, Steele Saunders is living the dream. For the past year and a half, apart from his specialist Melbourne sneaker store The Sure Store, the iconic I Love Green Guide Letters podcast and working with Studio 10, he’s been producing the Steele Wars podcast for Star Wars fans the world over.

With a growth from 10K downloads per week to over 150K+ podcast downloads per month
between Steele Wars and I Love GG Letters since we first podcasted together 8 months ego, Steele has quite obviously struck a chord with the digital community and is rapidly building a large online following.

After an epic 3 hour podcast last time around, I decided (for my own sanity and to savour quality content) to split this podcast recording over 2 weeks.

In Part 1, Steele and I talk at length about the Star Wars – The Force Awakens premiere, his wonderful connection with Harrison Ford on the red carpet, building a career in media and the next Star Wars instalments due out in 2016 and 2017.

In Part 2, we discuss growing running a number of different businesses including his imported sneaker & streetwear business The Sure Store, sister business Spire Distribution, that imports and distributes to high-profile clients around Australia, giving first, demonstrating your passion and learning about your desired industry before asking others for help, learning to delegate to staff members whilst juggling a number of businesses or roles, selling dodgy belts to Aussie comedian Tommy Little, the challenges of stand-up comedy and producing a one-man hour-long show every year for Melbourne Comedy Festival, a life split between Los Angeles and Melbourne with wife and modelling agent, Jacqueline Hau of LA Models and much, much more.

You don’t have to be a Star Wars junkie to enjoy this chat with a friend own mine, who I’ve come to know as a tenacious, ridiculously hard-working and inspiring individual. This podcast is all about having a dream, wanting to love what you do and then making it a reality.

Very inspiring stuff, Steele! Let’s get amongst it!

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