Mackenzies Bay Doggos | @BondiPupperazzi Photoshoot

Mackenzies Bay doggos, dolphins & sunrise playtime by@BondiPupperazzi.  Such a beautiful start to the week! with . I spent 2 hours on Monday morning capturing images of sunrise dolphins playing off Tamarama Beach  and bumped into my friends Caro and Josh out walking their little legends Riley and Cooper, two of the most gorgeous boysContinue reading “Mackenzies Bay Doggos | @BondiPupperazzi Photoshoot”

Mackenzies Bay Sunrise Dolphins | @hotndelicious Photo Diary Oct 12

Mackenzies Bay Sunrise Dolphins | @hotndelicious Photo Diary Oct 12 🐬🐬🐬✨    Magical start to the week along the Bondi To Bronte Coastal Walk this morning. From 7am to 9am, a massive pod of dolphins were cruisin’ a bait ball around Mackenzies Bay off Tamarama Beach and Tamarama Point, with multiple humpback whale sightings inContinue reading “Mackenzies Bay Sunrise Dolphins | @hotndelicious Photo Diary Oct 12”

“5 more minutes”. Dolphin action at sunrise.

 “5 more minutes”. Dolphin action at sunrise 🐬🌅✨ I’m generating impetus in life, my ambitions and my career by feeding my creativity. And yep, all of these wildlife shots were captured by 11am in one morning! . Most days, I am up and out of bed in the dark between 5-6am to hit a sunriseContinue reading ““5 more minutes”. Dolphin action at sunrise.”

Alex The Seal hunts at Bondi Beach…

Alex The Seal comes to Bondi Beach. . I was otterly stoked to share my Mackenzies Point sunrise on Saturday morning with Alex the Seal. . Right now we’re in peak whale watching season in Sydney and I was kickin’ it at Mackenzies Point (Bondi Beach) waiting for the sun to rise over the ocean,Continue reading “Alex The Seal hunts at Bondi Beach…”