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Bam! Hit the ground running! Just a few short weeks after wrapping up UNSW’s inaugural Social Media Day, attended by 650+ people and livestreamed in Australia, India and China, with 10 individual keynote talks, panel discussions and masterclasses, I am now on the hunt for 1-2 new clients to join our current roster.

Across the last 8 years of my life, I have built a wealth of knowledge and experience as a global award-winning Digital/Social Media Strategist and Content Producer across a range of industries including B2B, tech/apps, fintech, FMCG, beer/alcohol brands, Not-For-Profit, higher education, the property market. health & wellness, cosmetics and travel.

Over the past 3 years, my business has worked both agency and client-side, with the likes of Telstra Enterprise, the Plant Life Balance augmented reality greening app launch (as part of The Bravery agency), Moula Money fintech, Cancer Council Australia, Transplant Australia, UNSW, Soap Creative (PepsiCo snacking, Ferrero, Microsoft), Property Now, Cherry Blooms global cosmetics brand, Mahlab Agency (on a global B2B digital client, hbf insurance) and many more.

We generate full organisational audits of physical/digital assets, 1-3 year strategic roadmaps and digital ecosystems, content pillars that ladder up to strategic business and brand objectives as part of a marketing funnel, content (podcasts, photography, video and blog content), Best Practice Social Media Playbooks, digital media reporting frameworks, business-as-usual/campaign ideation, organizational training workshops, Issues & Crisis Management Escalation procedures, influencer outreach and driving efficiencies with the set-up of client internal/external systems, processes and ways of working.

The choice is yours. We can either teach you to fish, write strategy and train your internal team (1-on-1, workshops) to roll it out, or action it all ourselves on a project fee or monthly retainer.

Get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

Dan Wilkinson

For social media strategy, content production and influencer business enquiries contact: info@hotndelicious.com

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Future Social Media 2018 Conference – Hot & Delicious Rocks The Planet! LIVE podcast.

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Future Social Media 2018 – Hot & Delicious Rocks The Planet! podcast feat. Dan Wilkinson and Craig Mack.

DOWNLOAD the PODCAST via iTunes – #184 Future Social Media 2018 – Hot & Delicious Rocks The Planet! feat. Craig Mack.

Session Headline:

Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! weekly iTunes podcast recorded LIVE at International Business Review Conference – Future Social Media 2018 at The Grace Hotel in Sydney with global award-winning Social Media Strategist Dan Wilkinson and special guest Social Media Strategist, Craig Mack.

 “2018 & Beyond – Next Generation Content, Stopping Ego-Led Brand Control & Driving Channel Neutral Ideation.”

 Session Outline:

  • Gen Z, Gen Alpha, Social Social Media & the UX – Driving Business and Brand Objectives with Content Designed for the User Experience.
  • Stopping The Ego-Led Need for Brand Control – Brand First Planning. Bringing Brand, Media, Digital/Creative Agencies and Platforms together early to avoid retro-fitting advertising content not suited for social media.
  • Driving The Next Wave of Influencer ROI – Upskilling Influencers + Driving Demonstrable ROI. Not just beauty products on a blanket on the beach.
  • Channel Neutral Ideation, Multi-Channel Opportunities & The Next 5 years.


Dan Wilkinson is a Global Award-Winning Social Media Strategist and Content Producer who has worked with the likes of Mondelez (Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate, Philadelphia Cream Cheese), PepsiCo (Doritos, Smiths Chips),  Microsoft (Xbox), Ferrero (Nutella, tic tac, Kinder Surprise), Cancer Council Australia, Plant Life Balance AR Greening App, Cherry Blooms global cosmetics brand & many more. He is also the founder of the Hot & Delicious Rocks The Planet! business, brand and iTunes weekly entrepreneurship podcast.



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DOWNLOAD the PODCAST via iTunes – ##184 Future Social Media 2018 – Hot & Delicious Rocks The Planet! feat. Craig Mack

Future Social Media 2018 – Hot & Delicious Rocks The Planet! podcast feat. Dan Wilkinson and Craig Mack.