Australia. Where a deserted beach is just a car ride away… #happiness

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Photo credit: Dan Wilkinson  📷✨  Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet!  Travel, entertainment & lifestyle blog.
Photo credit: Dan Wilkinson 📷✨ 
Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! 
Travel, entertainment & lifestyle blog.

Australia. A deserted beach is just a car ride away…

Once a year in the Australian summertime, a bunch of mates & I disappear down the coast to a secret beach to escape for the night and put the world to right.

Fishing, snorkelling and body surfing no matter what the weather… sunset BBQs & watching the sun rise over the ocean…

Taking the time to switch off from technology and be present in this beautiful world around us, especially when we have such flawless beauty right in our backyard.

I’m going to miss this place… 

#happiness #seeAustralia

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Pt Roadknight, Australia… beautiful – Photographic tales of an ex-Emirates flight attendant

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Hot & Delicious Rocks: The Planet! – Photographic travel diary series.

Pt Roadknight, Australia. Photo credit: Dan Wilkinson (Hot & Delicious Group).

First day off in 2 weeks… time to escape 🙂

Work’s been insane for months, so that coupled with my new podcast & creating this travel photography series in my “downtime” = close to burnout, so last weekend I jumped in the car and hit the road.

Cruised down the Great Ocean Road with one of my buddies who’s just moved here from Brisbane via Sydney. Bodysurfing in Jan Jac, drive from Torquay to Lorne via Bells Beach, cheeky couple of beers at Lorne Pub in the sunshine and then back to Torquay to catch-up with another mate of mine who lives down there for sundowners overlooking the water… perfetto!

The Great Ocean Road is truly one of the most beautiful coastlines in Australia and yes the world. Pt.Roadknight holds a lot of happy childhood and adult memories for me. Until a few years ago, my folks had a small beach shack down here and I’ve spent many hours walking along this little stretch of beach. My old man even broke a mast windsurfing here back in the day 🙂

Shot this little vid when we pulled over by the side of the road, took a deep breath and soaked it all in.

Beauty is everywhere…


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