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Podcast Feature: Street Art & Human Impact of Social Media – NOT NOT Cam Scott.

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@NOTNOTCamScott x @hotndelicious entrepreneurship podcast LIVE at Bondi Beach!

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Bondi Beach-based street artist NOT NOT aka Cam Scott captured my imagination last year with ‘Digital Realities’, his thought provoking street art series designed to have us individually to consider the impact of the behaviours and addictions that the major platforms and mobile phone technology are creating, breeding and feeding in society and our everyday lives.

From our digital selves to clickbait compulsions, this is a fascinating exploration into the digital world and I loved having him on the show! We share our own individual techniques that we use for regular digital escape, Centre for Humane Technology’s approach to ‘“realigning technology with humanity’s best interests, the LIKE IRL project, his TEDx TED Talk, how Cam Scott came to create his Sunnys Eyewear brand, ‘In Praise of Idleness’ and NOT NOT’s 2 key pieces of advice that he’d give to someone who has a dream, but is afraid to take that first step.

Super inspiring and fascinating chats with a highly intelligent, genuine, thoughtful and personable individual. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!

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DOWNLOAD the PODCAST via iTunes – #210 Street Artist NOT NOT – Cam Scott – Street Art & Social Media.

@NOTNOTCamScott x @hotndelicious entrepreneurship podcast LIVE at Bondi Beach!

The Paterson Project – Majestic street-art for the most perfect cause.

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The Paterson Project - Street-artists raising funds for the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation

Streetart exhibition raises funds for Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation

Anyone who knows me knows how much I’ve fallen in love with Melbourne’s street-art scene over the past few years and so as exhausted as I was after a hectic week, nothing could stop me jumping on my bike and riding late through the wet streets of Melbourne on Friday night to attend a wonderful event on Smith St in Fitzroy for the most perfect cause.

The Paterson Project was held at heritage-listed Paterson Building where over the course of the past week, over 100 artists, including the likes of Rone, Adnate, Mayo, DVATE, Facter, Alexandra Lederman and many more, dedicated their time to decorating the walls of this grand old building with their works of art to be auctioned off to raise funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Packed to the rafters with more hipsters than you could poke a beard at, it was wonderful to be able to appreciate so many majestic pieces of art in the one place and I wandered up and down the 3 floors of this living and breathing masterpiece for over an hour.

One of my simplest weekend pleasures is to spend hours wandering previously unexplored alleyways or even streets that I think I already know around Melbourne, with the prospect of stumbling upon some unexpected beauty…

Occasionally, I’ll overhear people bitching about their favourite piece being tagged by some young punk or being covered up by a new piece of artwork that they don’t like, but what they don’t consider and they’re missing is that there-in lies its beauty – street-art is the perfect, symbolic reflection of life on this planet – beauty is everywhere, fleeting and quite often in the last place you’d expect to find it… captivating in one moment and then gone the next – as such it helps teach us to appreciate every single moment for what it is and even when it fades or is gone, becomes a part of us forever.

Beauty is everywhere. Enjoy!

Apologies to any artists who’s names we’ve missed or for any incorrectly labelled artworks. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch so that we can update accordingly.

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