Exploring North Melbourne café secrets – Delicious!

Coffee: ★★★★☆ (4.5 stars)  Staff: ★★★★★  Food: ★★★★★  Puppy friendly  Bam! Shook off last night’s craft beers with a delicious Colombian dark roast and hit Queen Vic Market for my Saturday AM happy place! Freshly ground Colombian coffee beans, caviar dip, fresh farm eggs, fruit & veg. Check! North Melbourne brunch. Check! Speaking of check, next time you’re looking for somewhere new forContinue reading “Exploring North Melbourne café secrets – Delicious!”

Homeless in Melbourne – a little perspective and it’s everywhere.

Every day my heart breaks a little. On the weekend, en route to my Saturday morning happy place, Queen Victoria Markets, I stumble across this shaggy, curly-haired guy with snow-white 3-day growth, weather-beaten green cap and no front teeth. Unlike the hundreds of other times I’ve walked past homeless people in Melbourne I look himContinue reading “Homeless in Melbourne – a little perspective and it’s everywhere.”