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Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast series

Interview #7 – Jimmy James Eaton – stand-up comedian

Heya! Welcome back to the weekly Hot & Delicious:Rocks The Planet podcast where we interview inspiring individuals from around the world in music, film/tv, fashion, comedy and lots lots more.

Today we catch-up with Australian stand-up comedian and improvisor, Jimmy James Eaton. 

Jimmy & I talk about growing up in Western Australia, the weirdness of watching porn with your mates, burlesque versus the strippers(I still don’t get the point of strippers), being inspired by Eddie Izzard, whether all flight attendants are gay and the selfless, amazing work Jimmy does as a superhero for charity outside of his comedy career… blows my mind.

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Jimmy James Eaton






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Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet is a weekly podcast interviewing inspiring individuals and successful entrepreneurs from around the planet across a range of industries (incl. music, film/tv, fashion, travel, comedy and more) about what makes them tick as people and drives their hunger for success.

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Dan Wilkinson works as a Manager, Marketing Strategy & Analysis – Social Media at SapientNitro Australia and is founder of music industry biz, Hot & Delicious Group.

Zac Abroms (Viceroyalty) – Travel the world & work in the music industry

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Zac Abroms and Ryan Manu - Pyramid Rock Festoval 2012/13
Zac Abroms (Viceroyalty, S.T.E.P.) and Ryan Manu (Icah) – Pyramid Rock Festoval 2012/13

Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast series

Interview #5 – Zac Abroms (Viceroyalty, S.T.E.P.) – Music Industry

Good morning! Zac Abroms is a buddy of mine that I met a few years back when my business was running social media for Pyramid Rock Festival – an Australian music festival on Phillip Island just an hour or so out of Melbourne.

Beautiful little spot and magic memories of Tame Impala bringing in the New Year, chatting backstage with the humble and lovely Xavier Rudd and getting to know a bunch of amazing people including the boys from Kingswood, Zac Abroms, Ash Sambrooks of Higher Plains and Zac’s sister, Charlotte, of Large Noises. Zac and Ash’s respective businesses were looking after all the festival’s PR & Publicity and that festivals remains one of my happiest and proudest personal achievements as I basically got paid to hang out at a music festival, meet a shitload of cool people and share those memories with the world… or at least the work of Pyramid Rock fans & music-lovers.

Zac runs a music business called Viceroyalty providing online music publicity for a bunch of amazing Australian and international artists including Kimbra, Jessie Ware, Regina Spektor, Active Child, Bertie Blackman and many many more. He also has a music management business managing a few Aussie acts that I love including Manor, Danvers and the beautiful Kate Martin.

This year Zac and Ash Sambrooks also set-up The Society of Tastemakers and Elegant People (yes, it’s very tongue-in-cheek :D) also known as STEP which is a series of music industry events with live panel discussions and interesting live musical performances designed to connect people – match-matching video directors and photographers to bands and artists to mixers and producers.. mixing promoters with record labels and artists, but the beauty of it all is that absolutely anyone can come down and when I attended their first event a few months back, the bar was rammed with everyone from grassroots artists to seasoned music industry professionals and even newbies to the scene who don’t care what they do but just really want to work in music. It was awesome!

So as most of you know by now and to our 1st time listeners, welcome, this podcast is designed to tap into the lives and experiences of people who inspire me, help them tell their story and hopefully inspire a few of you along the way to chase what it is you love in life… ‘cause I tell you there is no better felling!


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Photos from Pyramid Rock Festival by Hot & Delicious Group (Elijah Mina, Jordan Marshall and Dan Wilkinson)

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Dan Wilkinson works as a Manager, Marketing Strategy & Analysis – Social Media at SapientNitro Australia and is founder of music industry biz, Hot & Delicious Group.

2 days ago I woke up to a beach sunrise over the ocean, sand & the waves at my feet.. 2014.. I’m ready..

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Photo credit: Dan Wilkinson

2 days ago I woke up to a beach sunrise over the ocean, sand & the waves at my feet..

This year I went from 80% self-employed in my own music industry business, Hot & Delicious Group to coming out the other side of winter working full-time for America’s #1 Digital Agency, SapientNitro, driving social strategy for one of Australia’s largest brewers.

A year of contrasts & definitely not a quiet one, but coming through my 3rd brain tumour operation in 15 years just a year & a half ago, looking back on previous years and knowing all the cool shit I’ve nailed over the past 3 years, it definitely feels like one where I’ve treaded water a little more than usual [to put it in perspective I’ve still created sponsorship partnerships for The Aussie BBQ series of international music showcases with Virgin Australia and Studios 301 in the USA, travelled to LA and Austin (Texas), captured images of Australia’s top musicians/providing social media services for The Aussie BBQ/Sounds Australia at the world’s largest music conference SXSW, project-managed Federation Square’s Helix Tree – Light In Winter installation and starting working with a range of beer/cider brands (incl. Miller Genuine DraftPeroni Nastro AzzurroCarlton Dry, Sweden’s #1 cider KopparbergBulmers and Strongbow cider)] to name but a few projects. Treading water’s not the right phrasing.. a better one would be working in the thick of projects, rather than keeping the eagle eye view from above..

The new job’s been hell-for-leather since Day 1, but I am excited about the team we’ve built, working with people who inspire me, the prospect of being in a position now to present wicked new ideas & game-changing concepts in the new year, access to global resources/networks to achieve our goals and a regular salary (vs working contract-to-contract), which will help allow me to focus on an as of yet unfulfilled music career and a bunch of new Hot & Delicious Group projects in my “downtime”.

The craziness of the past 5 months in particular means I reached the Xmas/New Years holiday period completely exhausted and ready for a solid mental break. As a result, I took the measure of banning myself from all forms of social media for a week from Xmas Day – New Year’s Day. That rest from social channels, family holiday at Portarlington, camping/fishing/skindiving with a bunch of mates on a beach down the Great Ocean Road and today’s trip down to Republica Cafe (St Kilda Beach) to soak up the 25°C blue skies, led to clarity and this explosion of thoughts on paper, which may or may not make it to my Hot & Delicious blog (I’m leaning to yes.. Ha ha.. :D). 

That insight is that during the ups & downs on the roller-coaster of life this year, I’ve managed to have amazing experiences, but these “Good Times” have been accompanied with “Capture this, Update that, Tweet this person, read this article, write that article, watch that TV series…”. It’s true that Sundays have pretty much been kept for me and generally-speaking I’m broadcasting/checking social less on Sundays, but in reality there’s been very few times outside of work or on days off where I’ve made an effort to go out, do something fun & just soak up that particular moment in time for what it is, without feeling the need to update one of my social channels. Connected, Connected, Connected.

I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve created for myself through hard work & the ability to see opportunity in the gaps of the patterns & differences of the world around me, but my #1 goal for 2014 is to soak up the joy of this life by taking more time out for me including chilling & focusing on projects that I love. More passion, energy & happiness will no doubt ensue. Sure.. Capture this, share that is a big part of who I am and what I do.. the reality being that social media is a big part of my life at play/work and an extension of my personality, but it doesn’t define me. 

Living in the moment is what I want to see more of from myself this year and not a concept that’s new to me, but taking time out to reflect & enjoy is where we get fresh energy, a sense of calm and it’s in this headspace where the fresh ideas & magic flow.. 2014.. I’m ready..

Dan Wilkinson.
16:04pm, Tuesday December 31st, 2013.
Republica Cafe, St Kilda Beach
Melbourne Australia.

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From the streets of Fitzroy to fine shores of Canada, blues & roots rockers Jungal are hitting the studio!

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From the streets of Fitzroy to the fine shores of Canada, blues & roots rockers Jungal are hitting the studio!

Hailing from country Victoria, Jungalwalla sister (Leisha and Jessie) & adopted sibling Vic typify the hard-working Australian indie rock band. With punters spoilt for music choice in this country, emerging artists have to diversify, make their own way and create new opportunities off their own back. Jungal have toured Australia 8 times and have built quite a following touring the Canadian summer festival circuit 3 times in the past few years.

Not shy of the camera, a cheeky beer and wicked banter, the all-girl trio created this cute little vid to drive crowd-sourced funding to record their 2nd studio album before they jet off to North America for tour #4.

Jungal are 100% independent, self-funded & self-managed band.

Watch the vids, download free tunes off triple j Unearthed, share the ♥ & get involved!

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On tour in Canada.. shennanigans..

For more Jungal news drop by the Jungal website

Management – Jessie Jungalwalla

Doesn’t get any more indie than a bootleg vid at the Northcote Social Club: