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Eliza Hull ‘Ghosts’ video feat. Hayden Calnin rec. live in a Melbourne church #beautiful

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2 days to go ’til Haarlo’s launch at the Northcote Social Club with Eliza Hull and Ainslie Wills!

I’m celebrating by listening to this version of Eliza Hull’s ‘Ghosts’ feat. Hayden Calnin and Jono Steer (Haarlo), filmed late 2012 at the Northcote Uniting Church in Melbourne.

So beautiful!

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Haarlo drop 4 new singles in 4 weeks! ‘Dreamlands’ EP launch – Northcote Social Club.

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Dream-pop duo Haarlo have dropped 4 new singles in 4 weeks! Yep, they’ve let loose these beauties in celebration of the Haarlo ‘Dreamlands’ EP launch this Thursday night!

One of the elements I savor most about working at the forefront of the Australian indie music scene is the opportunity to hear & promote music at that precise moment when artists/bands are about to take that bold step out into the wild for the 1st time… the great unknown… Will people love my music as much as I do.. Will I be famous.. Will I travel the world..

In the first single ‘Dreamlands’, New Zealand-born vocalist Stacey Gardiner and talented producer/multi-instrumentalist Jono Steer (Ainslie Wills, Hayden Calnin, Eliza Hull) join forces to produce a tune that now resides in a playlist I describe as night-time sunshine.. Manuka-honeyed vocals, synths and a beat that just floats me away..

“You might like it this way, I might like it differently…”  I love it this way..

Enjoy Haarlo’s ‘Dreamlands’ EP & we’ll see you at the Northcote Social Club!

Supported by one of our recent Hot & Delicious faves, Eliza Hull and Ainslie Wills, Haarlo launch their ‘Dreamlands’ EP at the Northcote Social Club this Thursday July 11th

Supported by Ainslie Wills & Eliza Hull

Haarlo - 'Dreamlands'


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Image courtesy of Haarlo

From the streets of Fitzroy to fine shores of Canada, blues & roots rockers Jungal are hitting the studio!

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From the streets of Fitzroy to the fine shores of Canada, blues & roots rockers Jungal are hitting the studio!

Hailing from country Victoria, Jungalwalla sister (Leisha and Jessie) & adopted sibling Vic typify the hard-working Australian indie rock band. With punters spoilt for music choice in this country, emerging artists have to diversify, make their own way and create new opportunities off their own back. Jungal have toured Australia 8 times and have built quite a following touring the Canadian summer festival circuit 3 times in the past few years.

Not shy of the camera, a cheeky beer and wicked banter, the all-girl trio created this cute little vid to drive crowd-sourced funding to record their 2nd studio album before they jet off to North America for tour #4.

Jungal are 100% independent, self-funded & self-managed band.

Watch the vids, download free tunes off triple j Unearthed, share the ♥ & get involved!

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On tour in Canada.. shennanigans..

For more Jungal news drop by the Jungal website
Management – Jessie Jungalwalla

Doesn’t get any more indie than a bootleg vid at the Northcote Social Club: