Mindfulness. Relaxed & Happy = Success+. Bring on 2015!

Christmas Eve 2014. Kickin’ it here on St Kilda Beach pier with this view. Amazing start to the day and pretty spectacular! While I am exhausted and still winding down from 6 months of 60-80 hour weeks (between agency work and my own biz), I am at peace. Agency life has been insane having goneContinue reading “Mindfulness. Relaxed & Happy = Success+. Bring on 2015!”

Scrap Xmas/New Year schedules. Go your own way. Me-time ftw!

Christmas time.. grumpy shoppers abound, horns tooting, long queues, very few smiles… everyone rushing around like chooks with their heads cut-off, stressed-out with last-minute shopping and here I am chillin’ at Melbourne’s Ponyfish and soaking up a cheeky Christmas Eve beer in peace. Day 4 of “me-time”