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Zac Abroms and Ryan Manu - Pyramid Rock Festoval 2012/13
Zac Abroms (Viceroyalty, S.T.E.P.) and Ryan Manu (Icah) – Pyramid Rock Festoval 2012/13

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Interview #5 – Zac Abroms (Viceroyalty, S.T.E.P.) – Music Industry

Good morning! Zac Abroms is a buddy of mine that I met a few years back when my business was running social media for Pyramid Rock Festival – an Australian music festival on Phillip Island just an hour or so out of Melbourne.

Beautiful little spot and magic memories of Tame Impala bringing in the New Year, chatting backstage with the humble and lovely Xavier Rudd and getting to know a bunch of amazing people including the boys from Kingswood, Zac Abroms, Ash Sambrooks of Higher Plains and Zac’s sister, Charlotte, of Large Noises. Zac and Ash’s respective businesses were looking after all the festival’s PR & Publicity and that festivals remains one of my happiest and proudest personal achievements as I basically got paid to hang out at a music festival, meet a shitload of cool people and share those memories with the world… or at least the work of Pyramid Rock fans & music-lovers.

Zac runs a music business called Viceroyalty providing online music publicity for a bunch of amazing Australian and international artists including Kimbra, Jessie Ware, Regina Spektor, Active Child, Bertie Blackman and many many more. He also has a music management business managing a few Aussie acts that I love including Manor, Danvers and the beautiful Kate Martin.

This year Zac and Ash Sambrooks also set-up The Society of Tastemakers and Elegant People (yes, it’s very tongue-in-cheek :D) also known as STEP which is a series of music industry events with live panel discussions and interesting live musical performances designed to connect people – match-matching video directors and photographers to bands and artists to mixers and producers.. mixing promoters with record labels and artists, but the beauty of it all is that absolutely anyone can come down and when I attended their first event a few months back, the bar was rammed with everyone from grassroots artists to seasoned music industry professionals and even newbies to the scene who don’t care what they do but just really want to work in music. It was awesome!

So as most of you know by now and to our 1st time listeners, welcome, this podcast is designed to tap into the lives and experiences of people who inspire me, help them tell their story and hopefully inspire a few of you along the way to chase what it is you love in life… ‘cause I tell you there is no better felling!


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Photos from Pyramid Rock Festival by Hot & Delicious Group (Elijah Mina, Jordan Marshall and Dan Wilkinson)

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Bask in beautiful night-time sunshine.. Eliza Hull’s – ‘Echoes’.

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Eliza Hull live at The Workers Club

Innovative Aussie indie singer/songwriter Eliza Hull’s has a brand new clip & a bucket-load of skills!

The official music video dropped this week for Eliza Hull‘s ‘Echoes’ and as I relax in the night-time sunshine of this beautiful song, I lose myself in the music for 10 seconds and subconsciously my mind tells me I’m listening to Florence Welch (Florence + The Machine).. But no I’m listening to Eliza and she truly is an amazing talent..

Produced by Hayden Calnin in his bunker studio over summer on the Peninsula, ‘Echoes’ is lifted from Eliza Hull’s 2nd EP due out in late 2013. And if you’d not previously come across Eliza Hull’s work, there’s loads more on the way! The Melbourne-based musician is also the co-founder/producer of Large Noises, who have been doing some fantastic music video TV work with a whole swag of Aussie artists incl. Alpine, Big Scary, Gossling, Vance Joy and more.

Echoes. Perfect for chilling on the couch on a cold winter’s eve with a large glass of shiraz.. Love…

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Images by Bianca Morgans (Hot & Delicious Group)
Eliza Hull live at The Workers Club (Melbourne).