iTunes Festival kicks off in just 20 hours incl. Lady Gaga, QOTSA, Ellie Goulding, Arctic Monkeys, Dizzee Rascal, Justin Timberlake.

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iTunes Festival 2013 Line-upiTunes Festival is back for the 7th year in a row with 30 free shows across 30 days, streaming live concerts by the world’s top artists from London across the month of September.

Held at London’s historic The Roundhouse in North London, the 2013 iTunes Festival line-up includes:

30 Seconds to Mars, Arctic Monkeys, Avicii, Bastille and The 1975, Chic featuring Nile Rodgers and Janelle Monáe, Dizzee Rascal, Ellie Goulding, Elton John and Tom Odell, HAIM and Dan Croll, Jack Johnson and Bahamas, Jake Bugg, t, John Legend, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Kendrick Lamar, Kings of Leon, Lady Gaga, Ludovico Einaudi, Paramore, Phoenix, Pixies and No Ceremony, Primal Scream, Queens of the Stone Age and Palma Violets, Rizzle Kicks, Robin Thicke, Sigur Rós, The Lumineers, Tinie Tempah and Vampire Weekend.

Stream each day of the month-long festival live via itunes.com/festival or through your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by downloading the iTunes Festival app. Lock in your favourites below with the full list of iTunes Festival 2013 performances sorted by date.

For the love of music. Amazing!

Stream Mumford & Sons iTunes Festival 2012

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iTunes Festival 2013 performances by date:
Lady Gaga, Sep 1
Sigur Rós, Sep 2
The Lumineers, Sep 3
Paramore,  Sep 4
Rizzle Kicks, Sep 5
Queens of the Stone Age and Palma Violets, Sep 6
Phoenix, Sep 7
Bastille and The 1975, Sep 8
Arctic Monkeys, Sep 9
Jake Bugg, Sep 10
Kings of Leon, Sep 11
Elton John and Tom Odell, Sep 12
Avicii, Sep 13
Chic featuring Nile Rodgers and Janelle Monáe, Sep 14
Vampire Weekend,  Sep 15
Jack Johnson and Bahamas, Sep 16
Ludovico Einaudi, Sep 17
30 Seconds to Mars, Sep 18
Kendrick Lamar, Sep 19
Primal Scream, Sep 20
HAIM and Dan Croll, Sep 21
Ellie Goulding Sep 22
Jessie J, Sep 23
Robin Thicke, Sep 24
Pixies and No Ceremony, Sep 25
Tinie Tempah, Sep 26
Dizzee Rascal, Sep 27
John Legend, Sep 28
Justin Timberlake, Sep 29
Katy Perry, Sep 30

Instagram launch brand new video feature – Hot & Delicious trial it for you

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Instagram have launched their latest, exciting new feature to combat the likes of Vine, Snapchat & Cinegram.. video! Addicted to Instagram, Hot & Delicious remain at the cutting edge of social media tech, so bleary-eyed I rolled out of bed this morning to do some quick research for y’all. Here’s the skinny:


  • 15 seconds per video.
  • 13 Instagram filters built specifically for video.
  • Cinema feature – built to combat shaky videos shot on the go (iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 only).


  • Mini movies – you can record (incl. Stop/Start) consecutive mini-grabs of video content to make them into a short short film 🙂
  • Screen flip during recording – Win. Unlike Snapchat you can stop & flip the camera mid-video to switch from capturing yourself to shooting your surroundings.
  • Saved videos – yep, once you’ve shot your vid it automatically saves to your smartphone for use on other social channels incl. YouTube, Facebook, etc.


  • Instagram video only – you can’t upload your own videos shot outside of the Instagram App.
  • Glitches/distortion – at times when Instagram uploads your photos/video it uploads with distortion to the image quality which isn’t present in original photo/video content. Believe this is due to interruption to data flow via Wi-Fi. Check out our original version
  • Tagging – can’t tag your friends in vids on Instagram just yet, but no doubt it’s coming.
  • Cover Frame – can’t choose an image shot outside of video content as cover image for video like on YouTube.

A wanna-be Rockstar, a puppy & skyporn.. Hot & Delicious Group’s first attempt at Instagram video:

So where does a first-time user start? Instagram video FAQ

Instagram for iOS version 4.0 is currently available for download in Apple’s App Store and Instagram for Android version 4.0 is now available on Google Play.

More magic from Hot & Delicious on Instagram

What we’re hoping to see in the future from Instagram (not just in video format):

    • Scheduled posts – for those of us who work in social media strategy, content creation & community management we report news/post immediately as content comes to hand, but it’s also important to be able to schedule content at keys times when we’re not connected digitally.
    • Clickable URLs that enable us to direct Instagram user traffic to our website, blog and other URLs.

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Alt J launch Aussie entrepreneurs’ global SOUNDHALO technology that’s set to change the world of live music!

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Soundhalo’s exclusive, amazing first footage has to be seen to be believed.
Alt J live from London’s Brixton Academy:

2 music-loving Aussie entrepreneurs with big dreams & balls of steel are taking on the world… live music as we know it, has changed forever!

Overnight in London, British rock quartet Alt J launched the beta version of Soundhalo at a live concert at the UK’s world-renown O2 Brixton Academy. Soundhalo’s ground-breaking technology allows music-lovers to “download and share artist-endorsed live gigs in an instant” with “mind blowing quality anytime, anywhere.”

The Soundhalo technical production team capture high-quality live audio and video content of the world’s largest international acts, then deliver it to your smartphone SOUNDHALO App in an instant… as.. it.. happens…
No more annoying phones in your face at festivals & gigs.. drunk, high or sober.. soundhalo captures the moment.. your moment.. and makes it available for immediate download in both audio and video format, then can be synced across all your devices.

Soundhalo is a wicked concept born of an idea by Baz Palmer’s (Hunters & Collectors) 22-year-old son, Declan, who imagined “capturing in real time, a band’s live performance” in “that intense, insane magical moment that only live music can muster”. When Baz met Soundhalo Co-Founder & CEO Liza Boston through a mutual friend over a boozy music biz lunch, they instantly built a rapport with a shared passion for music/technology and Baz knew he’d found the person to work with to bring a rock-star’s dream into reality. After untold hours putting teams together, countless meetings & planning sessions, traveling the globe collecting frequent flyer miles and testing, testing, testing… it’s here..

When asked for his thoughts, Gus Unger-Hamilton from Alt-J said: “I think the future of music and technology as an artist, and looking at how artists and fans interact, is really exciting. Artistic output no longer has to be be dictated by the things it used to be. It used to be how much music can you fit on a vinyl record? And how long is a video cassette? Now that no longer has to be the case.”

So all you Android users get on it! You can be the first people on the planet to use this game-changing technology! Go to soundhalo.com to download the app. iPhone won’t be far behind with an iOS version due in the coming months.

And in the wise words of my mate Liza…. Rock on! Aroooooooooooooooo! 😀

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Soundhalo. Download and share artist-endorsed live gigs in an instant.