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Music Industry Podcast: Wagons x Hot & Delicious. Get in!

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Wagons. Songs from the Aftermath. Psychedelic, space cowboy Henry Wagons and his 6-piece band of misfit entertainers are BACK with a dark, sweaty, bludgeoning country rock LP.

3.5 years ago Henry and I shared a couple of cheeky India Pale Ale craft beers in a Holiday Inn Hotel in Hermosa Beach, California, and together we recorded 2 hours of one of my favourite podcast episodes ever.

Our second time around, we wax lyrical on overseas adventures, Vietnam Vespa iPhone thievesScrabble dates versus Netflix & Chill, the evolution from writing solo to collaboration in the deepest form from the stages of embryo, his love of Nashville, 5-year old daughter Casper’s 3RRR artist debut and much, much more.

Podcasting and hanging out with Henry Wagons is an absolute joy! Get it in your ears!

National Australian Album Release Tour September 2019 – Wagons ‘Songs from the Aftermath’:

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Hermosa Beach, Nashville hot chicken and Cold Burger Cold Fries… the LA podcast with Henry Wagons.

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Henry Wagons dropping the goodness on the Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast in Hermosa Beach.
Henry Wagons dropping the goodness on the Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast in Hermosa Beach.

Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast series

Interview #51 Henry Wagons (Cold Burger, Cold Fries).

Hermosa Beach, Nashville hot chicken and Cold Burger, Cold Fries… the LA podcast with Henry Wagons.

Touchdown in LA & straight down to Hermosa Beach where I’m staying for my 1st night stateside to chill, drink a few cheeky American craft beers, smash some SoCal Mexican eats & catch-up with Nashville-bound, Australian singer/songwriter, Henry Wagons.

Now Henry and I first met at SXSW in 2013 at Marieke Hardy’s Women of Letters event in Austin, Texas, and from the very first time we spoke, it was clear that Henry was a man of substance, thoughtful and generous with his time.

Through the haze of 13 hour flights from the southern hemisphere and over several delicious IPAs, we talk at length about Henry Wagons’ experience of recording his first full-length debut solo album in the wonderful city of Nashville, Tennessee, a former pop country culture, that has evolved into a music mecca for the likes of The Black Keys, Jack White, folk music and a thriving punk scene, the inspiration of Nick Cave’s professionalism and writing music for a living, Henry’s radio show, The Tower of Song on Double J and the impact it’s made on his music, anthropology and philosophy of language, the evocative writing of Cormac McCarthy, Henry’s advise for emerging, aspiring and hungry creatives, Nashville hot chicken, Bushwhacker cocktails and moments of adventure and elation that leave their mark.

Super, super, SUPER engaging chats with a philosopher gentleman whos one of the most hilarious and engaging performers I’ve seen in quite some time. Anywhere.

I’m also excited to announce that Henry Wagons has just dropped his new single ‘Cold Burger, Cold Fries’ and you can listen to it for the first time in full right here at the end of the podcast. So exciting!

Let’s get amongst it!

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Connect with Henry Wagons via Twitter or head on over wagonsmusic.com to check out Henry’s music and international tour dates.

Stream Henry Wagons’ radio show ‘The Tower of Song’ on Double J.

The new full-length debut solo album will be out on February 16th, 2016, Henry Wagons will be touring Australia and USA in April/May and ‘Cold Burger, Cold Fries’ is out now via iTunes! So get on over & buy it!

In Henry’s words:

In the hazy world of the morning after, nothing makes sense, but everything is all too clear. You laugh, you cry and eat whatever is left. Cold burger, cold fries…its all I deserve

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