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Tanya Batt. Beautiful new single, ‘Kiki’ & destined for greatness! | PODCAST

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'Hot & Delicious Rocks The Planet' kicks it in Melbourne with Tanya Batt AKA BATTS Music
‘Hot & Delicious Rocks The Planet’ kicks it in Melbourne with Tanya Batt AKA BATTS Music


Now I’m drinking just to feel something, in a twisted way I guess you win…
Blessed to have so many wonderfully, talented friends, I loved having talented Australian/English singer songwriter Tanya Batt AKA BATTS Music back on the Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! podcast.
We had so much to talk about that this episode is a double banger with not one, but two podcasts! One this week, one next!
Over a couple of cheeky Jameson Irish Whiskeys, in Part 1 this week we discuss her beautiful new single, ‘Kiki’, platonic friendships with the opposite sex, falling in love, heart-break, break-ups and wondering if the person you have broken up with is thinking about you, Bon Iver at the Sydney Opera House, recording in New York and Iceland,how BATTS Music and Tanya’s career is starting to take off in both Australia and the UK, nudie runs & living at Meredith Music Festival, Braille Face, meeting Nile Rogers & Chic and Charles Bradley at Golden Plains, our respective recent journeys in the past few months to the UK and USA, working with Katy Perry, a mini USA announcement of my own and so much more!
We chat about our favourite TV shows including Peaky Blinders, Suits and Game Of Thrones with English actress, Emilia Clarke, dancing with Ellen DeGeneres and The Graham Norton Show, constantly evolving as an individual in your career by exploring yourself, doing what you love and constantly reassessing where you’re at, gun reform in the USA, #LoveIsLove and the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting, having a gun pointed at my head by the police while I was in the USA, syncing music, artistic credit & copyright and the beautiful time-lapse video that I shot on the Savannah River in Augusta, Georgia syncing BATT’s beautiful new single ‘Kiki’.
I love my podcast hangs with this lady as she is just a little ray of sunshine and one of those wonderful friends who is a constant inspiration to myself and others with all the hard yards that she is putting in to bring her dreams into reality.
Destined for greatness! Oh wait… she’s already great, mate! 🌟
Let’s get amongst it!

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‘Whitelight Blackdog’ – An inspiring beacon of hope by Caity Fowler.

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Hot on the heels of a foray into solo territory, Caity Fowler (formerly of Playwrite) has announced her inspirational debut EP – ‘Whitelight Blackdog’.

I first met Caity Fowler a short while back at Golden Plains Music Festival and was immediately struck by her warmth, giving nature and positive energy, so it was a surprise for me to discover that like many young Australians, Caity has battled on and off with depression since she was a teenager. Having been affected by depression myself when I was younger and in more recent years by the struggles of family members, this is a topic that is close to mine own heart.

What I love about Caity is that this Melbourne-based singer/songwriter is now using her positive energies to shine a light on dark times. I was blown away 2 weeks ago by her openness onstage at The Evelyn Hotel when discussing the inspiration for her latest batch of music. ‘Whitelight Blackdog’ is a beacon of hope designed to start the conversation around a subject that has for too long been considered taboo, so that all of us affected may realize that we’re not alone.

“The secrecy and taboo that surrounds mental illness even in this day and age create shame and embarrassment. I may never learn to be proud of my suffering but I am proud of my resilience.”
– Caity Fowler

Listen to & download the first single ‘Beautiful Girls’ below, watch the vid, drop by her social channels to say hi (Facebook, Twitter) and contribute to Caity Fowler’s ‘Whitelight Blackdog’ pozible campaign.

I’m proud of you, Caity. Love you! ❤

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