The Power of “No, I Don’t Work For Free”.

“We Should Collab”. It always starts like this… every single time… “We Should Collab” or a version of it slides into my LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram DMs, either unwittingly or with clear intent, that screams “I want free sh*t!”, and honestly I am quite done with it.  No, I don’t work for free, just ‘causeContinue reading “The Power of “No, I Don’t Work For Free”.”

Regan Lethbridge (Bonjah) on love, life & kick-ass rock music!

Fuckin’ love the boys from Bonjah. 4 dudes from New Zealand who decided to form a band, booked a one-way ticket to Australia and never looked back! Today’s podcast chat is with Regan Lethbridge – Bonjah’s lead guitarist, booking agent at 123 Agency and band manager at Lemon Tree Music. Eddie Vedder impressions, finding, losing andContinue reading “Regan Lethbridge (Bonjah) on love, life & kick-ass rock music!”