Exploring North Melbourne café secrets – Delicious!

Coffee: ★★★★☆ (4.5 stars)  Staff: ★★★★★  Food: ★★★★★  Puppy friendly  Bam! Shook off last night’s craft beers with a delicious Colombian dark roast and hit Queen Vic Market for my Saturday AM happy place! Freshly ground Colombian coffee beans, caviar dip, fresh farm eggs, fruit & veg. Check! North Melbourne brunch. Check! Speaking of check, next time you’re looking for somewhere new forContinue reading “Exploring North Melbourne café secrets – Delicious!”

Sunday.. my day.. Butternut Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Deliciousness.

Ahh.. Sunday.. my day.. Phone on silent, limit the interwebs, potter around the house.. shut off the world. The two things I crave on a rare day off.. cooking up a storm in the kitchen whilst singing along to wicked tunes. And this folks.. is one of my favourite dishes of mine own invention to makeContinue reading “Sunday.. my day.. Butternut Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Deliciousness.”