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Blue King Brown move to Jamaica & taking on the globe!

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Blue King Brown. Photo credit: Dan Wilkinson (Hot & Delicious Group).

Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast series

Interview #12 – Blue King Brown

Good morning world!
Today we’re in for a bit of a treat. A few short weeks back I was blessed to catch-up with Carlo Santone and Nattali Rize of Blue King Brown before they jetted back off to Jamaica for another 6 months. Living the dream!
I’ve shot Blue King Brown live and seen them at a bunch of festivals/shows around Australia and we’ve got a few mutual friends, so it was kind of cool finally having them on my couch to chat about the inspiration of living and recording in Kingston, Jamaica (yes, this is their second time now), shitty jobs like delivering pamphlets back in the day to keep the cash coming in, to inspiration and impact of the likes of Miles Davis, Mama Kin and Sydney Peace Prize winner Noam Chomsky on their lives, doing their bit to raise awareness for what’s going down in West Papua, their beginnings and how the stunning, mind-blowing beach town of Byron Bay has changed over the years.
We get the down low on Blue King Brown’s kick-ass new album “Born Free” (stream in full on below) and Nattali Rize’s new solo career a brand new project that these 2 lovely people are now pursuing side-by-side along with the Blue King Brown project – recording with Julian Marley and a swag of other talented Jamaican musicians. 
Let’s get down to it.
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Blue King Brown shot live for triple j by Dan Wilkinson (Hot & Delicious Group). 




Kickin’ it with LFRESH THE LION… Australia’s latest hip hop sensation

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Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast series

Interview #9 – L-Fresh The Lion (Hiop Hop artist)

L Fresh The Lion has some sweet, sweet jams that have sparked the imagination of a nation getting some serious airplay of late and this is a guy who’s toured nationally with a whole swag of hip hop legends including the likes Chali 2na of Jurassic 5, Nas, Dead Prez and many more. Catching up and hanging out with him at my West Melbourne sound cave in the sky was an experience. Just beautiful.

A few of the things that I’ve spent some time thinking about in the lead-up to this interview and since, is that I’ve been fortunate enough in my life to have traveled to 6 out of 7 of our planet’s continents, I’ve lived in 4 different countries thus far, studied 5 different languages, worked with and managed people from over a 100 different nationalities and a range of  cultures, but I, like all of us, still feel like I have so much to learn about my fellow man which is one of the big reasons why I created this podcast.

This interview with L Fresh The Lion was amazing and reaffirming… he’s beautifully humble, chilled, strong within himself…. and afterwards I just felt relaxed and that the world made more sense. Here’s a guy that many in our global community would say from external appearances is quite different to me. He’s a Sikh, I don’t believe in god, I love the beers something chronic, he doesn’t drink, we both meditate, we both love, we both hurt, we’re both working hard to live a life doing what we love, ambitious and yet still living in the moment. Which to me actually makes us more the same 🙂

What I see almost every day and what many of us fail to stop, recognize and appreciate is that essentially as a species we’re all the same in so many ways. Our fear of those different to us and of the unknown is where prejudice is born, but once we take the time to look beyond colour, race, creed and actually get to know our fellow man the world is a different place, so I decided to share with you an excerpt from L Fresh The Lion’s YouTube blurb for the song he dropped earlier this year ‘Survive’.

This short passage taught me something new this week about L Fresh, his cultural background and a proportion of the Indian people living in our Australian community called Sikhs, a people and belief system that I can honestly say in my 38 years thus far I haven’t taken the time to learn more about until now.

“The Sikhs constitute about 14% of all people of Indian origin who have migrated to Australia (this figure is remarkable when it is considered that Sikhs only constitute about 2.5% of the total population in India)

Sikhs originated in the land of Punjab (which means the Land of Five Rivers). This land (Punjab) has been devided numerous times and currently is in the form of a number of states – Punjab (India), Punjab (Pakistan), Haryana (India), Himachal Pardesh (India) and Chandigarh (India).

These divisions of Punjab, caused due to socio-poliltical uncetainities and injustices to the Sikhs, forced them to move out of their home land, first to other parts of India and then to the neighbouring countries as well as across the continents.”

L Fresh and I both recognize and embrace our differences. And that for me that’s what it’s all about, ‘cause despite a few differences, before meeting him in person, during and afterwards I feel & felt connected to this dude – a kindred spirit if you will.

In the course of this ‘Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet’ podcast interview, we chat we about life-changing trips to the northern India, the land of his forefathers, where the name L Fresh The Lion was born, his inspiration, influencers, the most unexpected experiences in hidden temples in Punjab and much, much more.

Hope you enjoy our little chat as much as I did 🙂 

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Failed video selfies :p
Failed video selfies :p


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Dan Wilkinson works as a Manager, Marketing Strategy & Analysis – Social Media at SapientNitro Australia and is founder of music industry biz, Hot & Delicious Group.




Australian producer DJ Butcher has the magic touch & everything’s comin’ up ‘Gold’!

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Dj Butcher - Image courtesy of Bowler Bar

Brisbane-based producer & deejay Alex Steffan AKA DJ Butcher has the magic touch & everything’s comin’ up ‘Gold’!

Having recently won the Red Bull Thre3style Australian Championships and hot on the heels of debut solo EP$werve’, DJ Butcher‘s latest dope trap jam dropped on Kid Kenobi’s label Klub Kids this week & I am pretty damn excited for what’s ahead.

I first met Butcher in 2010 whilst working on Ballistyx Snowboard Show, scouring the the country for the sickest Aussie indie artists/bands across a range of genres. A classically-trained pianist & talented musician, DJ Butcher kicked off Brisbane indie hip hop label Born Fresh Records with primo, world-champion beatboxer Tom Thum in ’10 and the duo released an album under the name of ‘Crate Creeps’ featuring Australian/international names along the lines of Suffa MC (Hilltop Hoods), Trials (Funkoars), Mantra MC and Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples – LA).

Having put the word out through industry networks & street press that I was seeking music for Ballistyx, I received an email from Butcher packed with a zip-file filled with the latest tunes from Born Fresh artists and a personal note that said “We’re more than happy to make our artists available for interviews on the show.” Cheeky motherfucker! I like it! 🙂

Since then Butcher‘s gone on to perform DJ sets with the likes of De La Soul, GZA, Pharaoh Monch, Mos Def, Dead Prez, Dilated Peoples and feature in Australia’s biggest festival line-ups including Summafieldayze, ParkLife, Foreshore Festival & more!

Plug-in & prep yourself for more ear candy by my boy Butcher..

Media: Jesse Desenberg –

“The recently released $werve EP stakes DJ Butcher’s claim at the Australian trap crown and admirably so with tunes blasted into the red like Sirens, Booty Hop and Lightin Up. His latest joint Hit That Switch is a further taste of Butcher’s destructive habits with jacked-up samples and riddims that thud from speaker to speaker.”
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DJ Butcher - 'Gold'

DJ Butcher - 'Gold'