Leah Martin-Brown (Evol Walks) @hotndelicious | The Entrepreneurship Podcast S1E235

Leah Martin-Brown (Evol Walks) joins the @hotndelicious | The Entrepreneurship Podcast – Stream It . Kick-ass! LA-based Aussie lead singer of Evol Walks, Leah Martin-Brown AKA @adventuresinplasticland is a deadset legend and after 5 years of the podcast, I’m pumped to launch the newly evolved and upgraded ‘@hotndelicious | The Entrepreneurship Podcast’ YouTube version ofContinue reading “Leah Martin-Brown (Evol Walks) @hotndelicious | The Entrepreneurship Podcast S1E235”

New Music Podcast: Jake Mason – 1 Billion Streams & counting!

Click to Stream or Download Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! entrepreneurship podcast via iTunes or Spotify – #232 Jake Mason – Cookin’ on 3 Burners, Soul Messin’ Allstars + Soul Messin’ Records.   Bam! The man on the right has 1 Billion streams & counting! And dis my face after my podcast tête-à-tête with JakeContinue reading “New Music Podcast: Jake Mason – 1 Billion Streams & counting!”