@hotndelicious Sunrise Surf Magic | Bronte to Bondi

Gorgeous peach, purple skies sparkled and glistened on the water at Bronte Beach Rock Pool this morning, as I watched the sun rise over the ocean.

“5 more minutes”. Dolphin action at sunrise.

 “5 more minutes”. Dolphin action at sunrise 🐬🌅✨ I’m generating impetus in life, my ambitions and my career by feeding my creativity. And yep, all of these wildlife shots were captured by 11am in one morning! . Most days, I am up and out of bed in the dark between 5-6am to hit a sunriseContinue reading ““5 more minutes”. Dolphin action at sunrise.”

Alex The Seal hunts at Bondi Beach…

Alex The Seal comes to Bondi Beach. . I was otterly stoked to share my Mackenzies Point sunrise on Saturday morning with Alex the Seal. . Right now we’re in peak whale watching season in Sydney and I was kickin’ it at Mackenzies Point (Bondi Beach) waiting for the sun to rise over the ocean,Continue reading “Alex The Seal hunts at Bondi Beach…”