Vamos Bikes & @hotndelicious launch Brand Content Partnership

I am SUPER excited to announce the Vamos Bikes ebikes x @hotndelicious brand content partnership launch! And I’m actively on the hunt for other brand new @hotndelicious brand content partners too!

In November 2021, I reached out to Vamos Bikes ebikes co-founder Conrad Pattinson about partnering with his brand and he immediately said yes. Flash forward a few months and we’ve already shot 2 of our first 4 videos, including a Sydney Harbour shoot featuring Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge 2 weeks ago, and this epic Vamos Bikes x @hotndelicious finless surfing video with local Softlite finless surfer @notnotcamscott and Bondi Beach drone operator @robincooiman03, captured at Bondi Beach and from the cliffs at Tamarama.

For the past 1.5 years, I’ve immersed myself surf cinematography and the Bondi Beach surf community; swimming, editing and publishing a minimum 20 hours a week, and my online @hotndelicious brand presence has grown and evolved markedly. In late 2021, I made the decision to actively pursue @hotndelicious as a creative brand and scale it for the next phase of my career, as it brings so much joy to myself and others, whether Instagram followers be soaking up my sick daily surf Reels, seeing themselves surf on film for the very first time or even something as simple as checking the local surf conditions. 

Not only has @hotndelicious surf cinematography become my main form of fitness, creativity, and social interaction, it’s the most wonderful tool for mental health and is now an ongoing revenue driver for the @hotndelicious business, along with my commercial product and lifestyle photography client base including KAIJU! Beer, Coaster Beer, Bondi Liquor Co and more. 

I am SUPER excited to be working with Vamos Bikes and I’d LOVE to partner with other like-minded ambitious, creative and inspired local and global owners and founders of brands like Vamos Bikes, that fit my @hotndelicious vibe. 

Is this you? Then get in touch!

xo Dan AKA @hotndelicious 🎞🌊✨ Follow me here: Contact me here:

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Failed biochemist, former Emirates flight attendant, ashtray cleaner & entrepreneur. Walter White would not be proud :p

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