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Bronte Sunrise Fire by @hotndelicious

Sunrise fire. Bronte Rock Pool. Nature’s picture frame 🎞🌊🔥✨ Bronte Beach, Sydney, Australia.

One of the joys I get to feel by setting my creativity free through filming and my photography, is that I go with the flow and generally make a decision in that moment of what I wish to capture and how I’d to frame my shot to set the scene. That freedom is so empowering.

With film, you also then get to choose which segment(s) from the film or what multiples of videos you’d like to use in post production to tell the story of that moment. Of late, I have found myself pulling back from using many multiples of videos in my Reels content, as it often gets too busy and sometimes little pieces of gold don’t get their moment to shine. Even semi-regular viewers will know how much I froth and post ridiculous volumes of videos in my Stories post surf cinematography sessions. You can see how excited I get! I want to share EVERYTHING, however it’s also wonderful to slow the world down to individual, little snapshots in time.

The freedom to tell a story and share your creative expression/art from your perspective is everything! And that’s what continues to make this so special and brings me so much joy!

If you made it this far… I love you! Go get creative!  

xo Dan AKA @hotndelicious
Captured at 6:17am Tuesday the 7th of September, 2021.

P.s. I’m self-taught and I love that composition has always come easily and felt natural to me. Composition is key. I set the frame for my Instagram video below subconsciously to capture a minimum of 5 elements that I knew would inspire me and make me happy… can you guess what they are?

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