@hotndelicious Sunrise Surf Magic | Bronte to Bondi

Gorgeous peach, purple skies sparkled and glistened on the water at Bronte Beach Rock Pool this morning, as I watched the sun rise over the ocean.

A solo surf photography walk from Bronte back to Bondi was just the recharge that I needed to start the day and a the cherry on top for this past 10 days with my Mum and Dad visiting Sydney from Melbourne on holidays and staying near me in Bondi Beach. 

Finally I was able to see my parents for the first time in 1.5 years, who despite only living an hour’s flight away, felt like a world away at times with pandemic lockdowns, false starts and the like.

I gazed into the distance at Bronte Rock Pool on this winter’s morn, soaking up the energy of the ocean and skies, with sunrise swimmers, surfers and a few of the usual suspects from the photography tribe.

On the coastal walk back, I captured a lucky surfer in an epic barrel off Bronte Beach shot from Tamarama Beach, spotted Alex The Seal terrorizing the local salmon population off Mackenzies Point and captured this wicked umbrella-style wave behind Bondi Icebergs, that’s more reminiscent of waveforms that my home-boy Tim Bowman, Gergo AKA rugligeri or Seb AKA surfographer shoot and share with their respective photography communities.

My heart is soaring right now from the time that I’ve spent with Mum and Dad this past week. Having them as friends as an adult is an absolute privilege and we spent more days and hours together on coastal walks, hikes, exploring galleries, watching big wave surfing, shooting photography, sharing meals together and more, in this past 10 days than ever before. Just magical!

It’s fuelling me with fresh energy for the week ahead and to all of my South American, European, UK and North American friends in the hood and around the globe missing your friends and family right now, I know exactly how you are feeling and take heart.

I hope that you’re able to get outside to get some fresh air today, call some friends/fam that you love and bring some fresh energy to your week.

From my little home by the sea in Bondi Beach to yours… Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Click here for the full gallery and to purchase digital copies/prints or for Surf Photography Bookings & Enquiries Contact info@hotndelicious.com instagram.com/hotndelicious

xo Dan AKA  @hotndelicious.

Canon 6D with an EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6L IS lens
Canon 6D with an EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens.

Hit me up via info@hotndelicious.com for prints or to book your next surf shoot!

@hotndelicious Sunrise Surf Diaries | Bronte to Bondi
@hotndelicious Sunrise Surf Diaries | Bronte to Bondi

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