Bondi Pupperazzi launches with F45’s Lauren Vickers

Bondi Pupperazzi launches in Bondi Beach with F45's Lauren Vickers
Bondi Pupperazzi launches in Bondi Beach with F45’s Lauren Vickers

Stoked! Our first Bondi Pupperazzi photoshoot with Lauren Vickers and her beautiful Border Collie X rescue pup, Kye, is live!

Bondi Pupperazzi is the Humans of New York-style premium dog photography business, brand and blog. We champion your puppy’s personality by capturing images of them in their element at their favourite dog parks, beaches, streets and dog-friendly cafes/bars/venues around Bondi Beach, surrounding suburbs and all over Sydney. We shoot premium photography of your doggo(s) that you can keep forever! 📷🐶✨

Last Monday, I met model, Ducati and Australian Working Dog Rescue Ambassador and F45 Training Athletics Team Manager, Lauren Vickers and her Border Collie X rescue pup, Kye, at Marks Park dog park overlooking Bondi Beach for this inaugural sunset Bondi Pupperazzi photoshoot. So much fun and Kye is a beautiful, energetic little soul and a tough one the shoot too… full of beans and Speedy Gonzales! Thank you two!

Excited to have a number of Bondi Pupperazzi collaboration shoots rolling out over the coming weeks, as part of the launch campaign for the business, plus we’re also working closely with dog-friendly Aussie businesses/venues and in the early stages of brand campaigns/partnerships.

So get in touch to book your Bondi Pupperazzi shoot for your doggo, business or brand today!

Or hit me up if you’ve got any leads 😁 😉

xo Dan AKA @hotndelicious, creator of Bondi Pupperazzi🐶📷✨



There are 4 different Bondi Pupperazzi packages to choose from and we can of course tailor a Bondi Pupperazzi photoshoot to your needs:

  1. A Bondi Pupperazzi Puppy Picnic!
  2. Pupp My Venue or Biz by Bondi Pupperazzi.
  3. Puppy + Me – Bondi Pupperazzi Photoshoot.
  4. The Bondi Pupperazzi Photoshoot.

Check out the shop at BondiPupperazzi.comBook your doggo’s @BondiPupperazzi photoshoot or get in touch via to find out more info on doggo photoshoots, influencer collaborations, brand partnerships and campaigns.



For photographic prints/collabs, social media strategy, brand content & influencer business enquiries contact:

Bondi Pupperazzi launches in Bondi Beach with F45's Lauren Vickers
Bondi Pupperazzi launches in Bondi Beach with F45’s Lauren Vickers


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