Bondi to Bronte: Creative Inspiration & 7 Days of Sunrise.

Sunrise Beach Volleyball - Tamarama Beach by @hotndelicious
Sunrise Beach Volleyball – Tamarama Beach by @hotndelicious
What a magical start to Wednesday!
I hit the backstreets of South Bondi and Tamarama on my sunrise Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk this morning to get the glutes and quads firing, which makes my butt feel like a ripe peach at Harris Farms on market day and kickstarts the endorphins firing through my system by the time I start shooting out the back of Tamarama Beach, as the sun rises over the ocean and I walk down the hill from above to Bronte Beach.
I had an energising week of little wins last week, with several prospective biz opportunities that I’m hoping will come into a fruition over the coming weeks and months, PLUS I’m launching a new business venture within the next 7 days – you know that I’m into it and firing on all cylinders when I carve out time on a Saturday afternoon to register various domain names, the business name and lock-in all of the brand new social media handles across all platforms. You’re going to love this – it’s going to make you crack up with laughter and give you squeals of joy when you see it. Watch this space!
That combined with 7 x sunrise walks and 7 x lunchtime bodysurfing sessions in the 7 days from Monday to Sunday last week, had me flowing with energy and joy, so I was well ready for a 3.5 hour sunrise photography walk this morning after being stuck inside of the wet & cold, blustery winter weather of Bondi Beach the past 2 days (yes, it happens sometimes in winter) 😁✨
I met Maria at Bronte Beach just after sunrise and we had lovely little chats, whilst capturing silhouettes of waves against the Mackenzies Point and North Bondi backdrop, bumped in Uge AKA Aquabumps at Bronte Beach and a bunch of different peeps back on my home turf on the promenade at Bondi Beach, including one of my Instagram followers Kirsten, whom I’d never met in person before. She stopped me to say hi and tell me how much she loves my pics. Thank you! (Do it, don’t be shy, peeps – it makes my day every single time). I love our little Bondi Beach community!
As we speak, I’m editing this morning’s images with a smile on my face and you’ll note that I’ve given the captures some rustic yellows and deep, sky blues in Lightroom, as to me they fit the vibe this morning – coming out into the light of a beautiful sunrise after a stormy few days and the sea is still quite wild. Can you guess which shots are my faves?
I am looking forward to my lunchtime bodysurfing sesh and excited for the beautiful weather forecasted for the week ahead!
Happy Wednesday everybody!
xo Dan AKA @hotndelicious.
Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia.
All images captured with Canon 6D with an EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6L IS lens.
Prints available upon request.
• Print – 60cm x 40cm – $250 + GST.
• Framed Print – 60cm x 40cm – $375 + GST.
• Custom sizes and different frames are also available.
Dan Wilkinson AKA @hotndelicious 
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Sunrise Beach Volleyball - Tamarama Beach by @hotndelicious
Sunrise Beach Volleyball – Tamarama Beach by @hotndelicious


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