Alex The Seal hunts at Bondi Beach…

Alex the Seal comes to Bondi Beach by @hotndelicious

Alex The Seal comes to Bondi Beach.

I was otterly stoked to share my Mackenzies Point sunrise on Saturday morning with Alex the Seal.
Right now we’re in peak whale watching season in Sydney and I was kickin’ it at Mackenzies Point (Bondi Beach) waiting for the sun to rise over the ocean, gazing at sea spray from multiple pods of humpback whales migrating north in the distance and I glanced down to my right to see this little legend duck diving in the waves and hunting for fish for breakfast.
I’m pretty sure that the crew from Drone Shark App gave this little legend the ‘Alex The Seal’ moniker a while back and Alex was splashing in the waves for at least 90 minutes while I sat there chillin’… definitely has my seal of approval! Made my day!
Stoked to be back writing the hotndelicious blog again, as I’ve been spending a lot more time on my photography of late and it feels like the write time as I am in the process of re-launching this website to make my prints more readily available for purchase online. I’ve sold more prints in the past 6 weeks than all of the previous months and years combined!
So, if you are keen to snap up some hotndelicious sunrise print(s) for home or to decorate the walls of your biz, then email me on me a DM on IG, check out @hotndelicious on Instagram for Alex the Seal videos that I captured of on Saturday morning and come say G’day!
Happy Monday everyone!
xo Dan Wilkinson AKA @hotndelicious.
Images captured with Canon 6D with an EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.
Dan Wilkinson
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Alex the Seal comes to Bondi Beach by @hotndelicious


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