Humankind. This little piggy went to Bondi Beach…

Bondi To Bronte by @hotndelicious

Humankind. This little piggy went to #BondiBeach 🐖😁🌅✨

All of this online aggression is bacon me crazy! 🥓 HBU?
This behaviour is not new to COVID19 and whatever you believe is the right course of action as part of #StayHome, our current crisis (and in life moving forward), just remember… there is zero need for aggression or swearing at each other in person or online, even if we disagree. My dream as a digital strategist and content producer is to be part of a world where we enjoy open discussion, without attacking the person.
I may not be your friend, however that doesn’t necessarily make me your enemy and it is okay to have an open discussion, without attacking the person. We are not going to align on everything, even if we are the best of friends. Civilised discussion and listening is everything!
Spread love and not COVID19. Happy Wednesday y’all! 🌅🌊✨ #StayHome 
P.S. #StayHome in Australia doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise safely. If you want more information, then head on over to NSW Health’s website or to educate yourself.
P.P.S. Our Waverley Council rangers, support staff, NSW Police Force and Australian Police Force as a whole are just doing their job and what they think is best with the information and resources that they have at hand. I didn’t align with Waverley Council’s initial approach, however I do not have all of the answers and I have put my hand up to be part of a most positive, proactive and long-term approach for us all. In the interim, passive protest and obeying their directives, as opposed to aggression, is the only way forward. Please be kind.
xo Dan Wilkinson AKA @hotndelicious.
Updated 22.04.2020.
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