Podcast Feature: 3 x Brain Tumours & My Journey.

The life lessons & learnings of 3 x brain tumours by Dan Wilkinson.

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Imagine being 25 years of age, looking at yourself in the mirror, not looking any different, not feeling any different, but you’ve just found out that you have brain tumours and you’re not sure if you’re going to be alive in 6 months.

Podcast Feature: My journey of a life and lessons having lived through 3 brain tumour operations, going completely deaf on one side, facial paralysis and learning how to walk again.

As you may have gathered, this week’s show is not your standard Hot & Delicious podcast episode and yes happily, 3 brain tumour operations and 18 years later I am still alive and well. This is not a “poor me” podcast and anyone who knows me knows how positive I am. This is for many of my friends who have been asking me about the story after my latest check-up and I’ve created it also in the hope that I can provide individuals going through their own ordeal, and their families, with a little shared experience that they might be able to use to help them their own journeys.

Some of you long-time listeners will know that I recorded some similar subject matter in 2016, however I’m a different person these days, I realised that I don’t think that I ever published a blog article about it and these kind of stories, in my eyes at least, are timeless and best shared, lest my own journey can be of benefit to someone else. It would quite honestly make my day and year if it could.

And as a little bonus at the end of this week’s episode, I’ll also share a few thoughts on pursuing your dreams from my perspective, shifting from full-time corporate work to self-employed retainer clients, as well as the need for techniques if you are self-employed and work from home.

Let’s get into the show!

The life lessons & learnings of 3 x brain tumours by Dan Wilkinson.
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The life lessons & learnings of 3 x brain tumours by Dan Wilkinson.

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