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Podcast Feature: Street Art & Human Impact of Social Media – NOT NOT Cam Scott.

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@NOTNOTCamScott x @hotndelicious entrepreneurship podcast LIVE at Bondi Beach!

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Bondi Beach-based street artist NOT NOT aka Cam Scott captured my imagination last year with ‘Digital Realities’, his thought provoking street art series designed to have us individually to consider the impact of the behaviours and addictions that the major platforms and mobile phone technology are creating, breeding and feeding in society and our everyday lives.

From our digital selves to clickbait compulsions, this is a fascinating exploration into the digital world and I loved having him on the show! We share our own individual techniques that we use for regular digital escape, Centre for Humane Technology’s approach to ‘“realigning technology with humanity’s best interests, the LIKE IRL project, his TEDx TED Talk, how Cam Scott came to create his Sunnys Eyewear brand, ‘In Praise of Idleness’ and NOT NOT’s 2 key pieces of advice that he’d give to someone who has a dream, but is afraid to take that first step.

Super inspiring and fascinating chats with a highly intelligent, genuine, thoughtful and personable individual. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!

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DOWNLOAD the PODCAST via iTunes – #210 Street Artist NOT NOT – Cam Scott – Street Art & Social Media.

@NOTNOTCamScott x @hotndelicious entrepreneurship podcast LIVE at Bondi Beach!

Digital Media & Content Strategy For Your Brand Starts Right Here.

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Nomad Brewing Co. Photography by Dan Wilkinson (Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet).

What is your brand missing digital media and content strategy? How are you tackling 2019 with your Social Media Strategy? If you’re not sure and want to know more, then it’s crucial that you take the time for the right advice!

There are thousands of self-titled, self-appointed “Social Media Unicorns”,”Social Media Rockstars”, “Social Media Ninjas” and “Social Media Gurus” out there in the digital media industry, who will generate content that doesn’t ladder up to strategic business objectives, not designed for the user experience and won’t drive prospective consumers down the marketing funnel to conversion through lead generation and sales or loyalty. That takes a lot of more time, experience at scale working with the world’s biggest brands, an understanding for the user experience and how to connect the dots for client ROI.

That’s where my business comes in. Across the last 8 years of my life I have built a wealth of knowledge and experience as a global award-winning Senior Social Media Strategist and Content Producer across a range of industries including B2B, tech/apps, virtual reality, fintech, FMCG, beer/alcohol brands, Not-For-Profit, health & wellness, a global cosmetics brand, health insurance and travel.

Over the past 3 years I have and we have worked with the likes of Telstra Enterprise, Cancer Council Australia, Transplant Australia, Moula fintech brand, driven the launch of the Plant Life Balance augmented reality greening app (as part of The Bravery agency), Cherry Blooms global cosmetics brandMahlab Agency (on a global B2B digital client, hbf insurance), Soap Creative (PepsiCo snacking, Ferrero, Microsoft) and many more.

The key to that success has been a clear understanding of client objectives, knowing where their target markets are making purchase decisions, researching competitors, exploring the type of content consumers that connect with digitally, developing an understanding of the ever evolving technical capabilities of the major digital platforms, the platform strengths, data analytics and creating bespoke strategies with ad solutions that are most likely to drive the desired results for a client and their brand.

This success and knowledge has also been provided by the opportunity to work with Australian and global brands with 1M+ audiences and massive paid media budgets. THAT’s how you get to see what works at scale!

But there-in lies the challenge. All businesses and organisations want their digital media to be an immediate success and the vast majority quite simply can’t afford (or can’t justify) the retainers that the top creative/digital agencies want to charge to run their digital media strategy, content production and reporting. And quite frankly, many of these agencies still aren’t doing the job required at great expense!

That’s why I’ve been changing the market with our business model. Over the past 3 years, we’ve worked both agency and client-side on 3 to 6 month projects (at various levels and designed to each individual business/organisational budget) to set-up our clients with full audits of organisational digital ecosystems and assets, content pillars that ladder up to brand goals as part of a marketing funnel, the development of 1-3 year strategic roadmaps, Best Practice Social Media Playbooks, digital media reporting frameworks, business-as-usual/campaign ideation, organizational training workshops, Issues & Crisis Management Escalation procedures, influencer outreach and driving efficiencies with the set-up of client internal/external systems, processes and ways of working.

We teach you and your team how to fish, so that you can save thousands of dollars per month/year by producing your own brand content internally to a strategic plan, specifically designed dually to drive strategic business objectives and for the user experience, allowing you to free-up and reallocate much needed funds to paid media and other areas of the business, only relying on external resource for strategy updates, ideation and additional reporting consultancy/review on an as-needed basis.

We can also generate content and photographic briefs/brand books over that 3-6 month period (and ongoing if needed) to help create a consistent style and tone for your brand, so that the internal team members producing your content have brand guidelines and templates to work off.

I guarantee you that very few self-titled, self-appointed “Social Media Unicorns”,”Social Media Rockstars”, “Social Media Ninjas” and “Social Media Gurus” will be able to deliver what you need and it’ll save you a LOT of time, heartache and $$$ in the long run.

Whether it’s your business or someone else’s, I highly recommend that you only hire someone who actually knows how to provide all of the above with examples and it is in fact up to you now to ask the right questions from word go when it comes to your digital media strategy. I’ve provided a number of them above for you, even if digital media isn’t your strong suit.

If you’re like to know more, check out our portfolio of global award-winning, previous clients and overview of our Digital Media offering:

And get in touch! We’d love to hear from you!

Dan Wilkinson

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Nomad Brewing Co. Photography by Dan Wilkinson (Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet).

Podcast Feature: 3 x Brain Tumours & My Journey.

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The life lessons & learnings of 3 x brain tumours by Dan Wilkinson.

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Imagine being 25 years of age, looking at yourself in the mirror, not looking any different, not feeling any different, but you’ve just found out that you have brain tumours and you’re not sure if you’re going to be alive in 6 months.

Podcast Feature: My journey of a life and lessons having lived through 3 brain tumour operations, going completely deaf on one side, facial paralysis and learning how to walk again.

As you may have gathered, this week’s show is not your standard Hot & Delicious podcast episode and yes happily, 3 brain tumour operations and 18 years later I am still alive and well. This is not a “poor me” podcast and anyone who knows me knows how positive I am. This is for many of my friends who have been asking me about the story after my latest check-up and I’ve created it also in the hope that I can provide individuals going through their own ordeal, and their families, with a little shared experience that they might be able to use to help them their own journeys.

Some of you long-time listeners will know that I recorded some similar subject matter in 2016, however I’m a different person these days, I realised that I don’t think that I ever published a blog article about it and these kind of stories, in my eyes at least, are timeless and best shared, lest my own journey can be of benefit to someone else. It would quite honestly make my day and year if it could.

And as a little bonus at the end of this week’s episode, I’ll also share a few thoughts on pursuing your dreams from my perspective, shifting from full-time corporate work to self-employed retainer clients, as well as the need for techniques if you are self-employed and work from home.

Let’s get into the show!

The life lessons & learnings of 3 x brain tumours by Dan Wilkinson.
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The life lessons & learnings of 3 x brain tumours by Dan Wilkinson.