Jaymz Clements + the NBA ‘Straya podcast LIVE from New York City!


Jaymz Clements + the NBA ‘Straya podcast live from New York City!

DOWNLOAD the PODCAST via iTunes – #179 Jaymz Clements (NBA ‘Straya podcast founder/host & entertainment industry writer/editor/broadcaster)

Jaymz Clements is a US-based Australian writer, editor, broadcaster, NBA fanatic and the founder/host/writer of NBA ‘Straya, Australia’s favourite daily NBA podcast hosted from New York City.  

Jaymz & I met back in 2010, when I was managing bands in the Australian music industry and he was Music Editor of Melbourne’s biggest free culture magazine and website) of Beat.

An editor/journalist for over 10 years. He writes about music, sport, film, TV, travel and everything in between for the likes Rolling Stone, Triple J, The Vine, MStars News, Blunt Magazine, The Brooklyn Game, AWOL, SHK Magazine, Faster Louder, Junkee, Tone Deaf, Beat, Brag, and Mixdown.

Flash forward 8 years and Jaymz is living in New York City working remotely, pursuing his passion for NBA and podcasting full-time with the launch of the NBA ‘Straya podcast.

Super hilarious and interesting insights about what it’s like as an Aussie to pull the trigger on living in New York, proposing to his wife in Central Park LOTS of banter and chat about Ben Simmons and all of the Australian basketballers playing in the NBA as we head into the NBA post season and just what it takes to keep yourself self-motivated whilst pursuing your passions for a living.

Super chats! Let’s get into it! 


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DOWNLOAD the PODCAST via iTunes – #179 Jaymz Clements (NBA ‘Straya podcast founder/host & entertainment industry writer/editor/broadcaster)

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