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Let’s play Guess Who? for Careers. Who Am I?

My name is Dan Wilkinson.

I am a global award-winning social media strategist, university lecturer, speaker, podcaster and content producer with experience across FMCG, Travel, Beer/Alcohol brands, B2B, Not-For-Profit, Augmented Reality, Tech/Apps, Fintech, Health & Wellness, Cosmetics, Health Insurance & more.

I am currently on the market looking at permanent roles in Los Angeles, Sydney (or remote), Austin, Portland (OR) or New York City as Social Media Director/Head of Social Media/Social Media Strategy roles.

Recently I wrapped a short-term contract as Head of Social Media at Soap Creative working across the Microsoft, PepsiCo (snacking) and Ferrero portfolios, including the likes of Doritos, Tic Tac, Kinder Surprise, Nutella, Xbox brands and many more.

My portfolio from the past 2.5 years includes APAC winner at the 2016 Facebook Awardsspeaking at Social Media Week – Miami, multiple global Kinsale Sharks Awards (Silver, Bronze, Bronze), case studies featured on both the Instagram and Twitter Global Business BlogsShorty Awards finalist in NYC & much more.

Over the past 1.5 years, my biz Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet!, has worked with Cancer Council Australia, Mahlab Agency (a global B2B digital client, hbf insurance), REBORN Agency, Moula fintech, The Bravery, Transplant Australia and Cherry Blooms global cosmetics brand providing a range of services including a full audit of organisational digital ecosystems and assets, Best Practice Social Media Playbooks, Digital Reporting templates, creation of systems and processes and 2-3 year strategic roadmaps.

I have forged multiple careers across my professional lifetime based on an overarching commitment to Life Work Balance (see my latest @hotndelicious podcast for more on this) and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Professionally I define the pursuit of happiness as:

  1. A business opportunity or career role that I am inspired by and passionate.
  2. That that has the potential for positive impact on the lives of others (through clients or the people that I’m working with).
  3. Whilst being paid appropriately for my services and level professional experience (unless I decide that it’s for professional development for myself/business/career or a philanthropic pursuit).

I’ve stayed true to this philosophy from my early 20s from my 6.5 years based in Dubai traveling the globe as an international Emirates Airline flight attendant to juggling numerous roles in the music industry (event operations & logistics/ TV show music supervisor/photography/social media/band management) to putting a 900 square metre ice-rink on the sands of Bondi Beach back in 2011, (the 1st of its kind anywhere in the world!) to today.

Every new role I step into, I must be feel like I’m contributing and learning at the same time – bringing my industry expertise to the table, whilst also continuing the evolution of my experience and professional toolkit.

I definitely prefer working agency-side or 1-on-1 with major clients and the 3 things I look for in new biz opportunities/roles/clients are:

  1. Digitally progressive –you are a digitally progressive business/brand or you want to be (if you’re not there yet then you want to pay someone who is and can bring you up to speed).
  2. Corporate Culture/Champion of the People – you foster a culture of inclusiveness from the top down and that is evident in the energy/experience of the people who work with you at all levels.
  3. Champion Great Work – contractors and employees describe your business approach as one that fosters big ideas and proactivity. Industry leaders not followers.

At this point, I’m rather convinced that my next big opportunity awaits in the USA, so I’m keen to work in:

  1. Los Angeles – Santa Monica, Venice Beach or WeHo.
  2. Austin (TX).
  3. Portland (OR).
  4. New York City – Manhattan or Brooklyn.
  5. Sydney – I love living in Bondi Beach, so if you think you’ve got the right opportunity, then get in touch!
  6. Remote – I can work from anywhere with a laptop and smartphone/wifi connection.

If the above blog article sums up the opportunity that you’re about to approach me with and what you are/your business is striving to be, then I want to work with you!

I am currently Bondi Beach-based, but more than happy to relocate to the USA at short notice for the right opportunity and below you’ll find a portfolio overview of previous clients, global award-winning campaigns successes and my own Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! digital presence.

Let’s do this!

Dan Wilkinson (Hot & Delicious Rocks The Planet!) – Global Award-Winning Social Media Strategy Portfolio.

Dan Wilkinson (Hot & Delicious Rocks The Planet!) – Global Award-Winning Social Media Strategy Portfolio.

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