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Work. Save. Work. Save. Reward. Work. Save.

This is the modern, western formula that I’m sure most of us have grown up with and in the past it certainly worked. But let’s face it: 2018 is an expensive world, mindsets and attitudes towards work are changing and it’s becoming more and more difficult not to compare yourself to every colleague, friend or Insta-famous model who are all living their best life. The modern world, particularly Generations Y, Z and beyond and facing enormous economic pressure and immense spiritual discord.

Do you have to put up with one to forgo the other?

On one hand we’re faced with a property market that’s nearly impossible to break into, working longer hours to combat wage stagnation with the knowledge that without a certain level of capital it’s going to be very difficult to follow our bliss.

On the other hand, what about our bliss? The old-school societal expectation of working in a well-paid, 40+ hour, high-stress job REGARDLESS of whether or not it’s an industry you actually enjoy is not at all a thrilling concept and unfortunately those who undertake such a mission are buckling and buckling hard. Gone are the days where one wants to work hard for their whole life in order to retire at 60, take a well-earned break and finally regain a sense of freedom.

The reality is we want to work hard at a job that is rewarding, fulfilling and abundant, we want the freedom to change careers based on our interests without judgement AND we want to experience life’s beauty and all it has to offer, preferably before we’re 60 years-old.

We want want it all and we want it now. So how do we get it?

Let me give you this frame of reference. Business analysts and health professionals from around the world mostly agree that an individual is likely to change careers between 3-7 times in their lifetime. So with this knowledge why are people more than ever dreading Monday? Why is there a stubborn residue of old, accepted social norms in regards to ‘sticking it out’ in a career you hate in favour of financial freedom? Why aren’t we giving ourselves the space to fail forward and forge multiple careers based on a commitment to Life-Work Balance?

In this week’s episode I take you through my unexpected career path that I forged solely through a commitment to choosing employment based on my dream lifestyle. From hospitality to university, from promotional work to aviation I share with you what I’ve learned from each profession and how I built upon it moving forward. If you told me 20 years ago about my career path of course, I would have laughed at you. Contrary to what you’re told in high school, I’ve learned that there is no one way to achieve financial and spiritual success. If you follow your bliss, listen to your gut and fail forward you’ll open yourself up to a life you never dreamed of.


Go on then. Choose your own adventure!

Show Notes:

1. Episode #76 with Australian actor Daniel MacPherson
2. Episode #169 Life Work Balance with @hotndelicious – Solocast
3. “Narcissistic Leaders: The Incredible Pros, the Inevitable Cons” – Harvard Business Review article by Michael Maccoby.


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