International Peace Day – 1 Hot Tip To Make Someone Else’s Day Today.

International Peace Day. South Bondi. Sunrise by @hotndelicious.

International Peace Day. South Bondi. Sunrise. 

Life is all about perspective. Each year on the 21st of September, International Day of Peace is observed around the world. The General Assembly has declared it as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples. And today I want to do my part!

One of the approaches to life that I have lived by for years is that if I’m having a bad day, I say hi to someone else, quite often a stranger, and ask them how their day is going. It is amazing the difference a little human touch and kindness can make to someone else’s day and also lift the spirits of yours in turn.

In more recent years, a philosophy I have developed for myself is that if I can make a positive impact to just one person’s life in my lifetime, then in turn that validates my own. If you then strive to bring that philosophy into every day life and push yourself to exercise more patience and understanding (even if someone cuts you off in traffic or from a perceived slight from an off-hand comment), you can actually change the lives of people around you, make an impact on a micro scale and the world a better place.

If there’s someone who’s culture/background you don’t know enough about that might provide you with more insight as to who they are or who’s position on a viewpoint you vehemently disagree with, then reach out to them and engage in open dialogue (without attacking the person or getting angry). Most judgement or hate arises from lack of understanding or fear, so if we strive for understanding, even if we still don’t agree on a viewpoint, it creates a stronger connection & brings use closer together as a species.

Do yourself a favour today, on International Peace Day. Say hi to someone you don’t know and put some love out there in the world 🌎❤✨✌

My gift to you and all my love. It will make you feel good!

xo Dan Wilkinson AKA @hotndelicious.

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International Peace Day. South Bondi. Sunrise by @hotndelicious.

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