‘Problematic’. Tom Ballard Tackling Political Correctness and the big issues at Sydney Comedy Festival 2017!

DOWNLOAD the PODCAST – #129 Tom Ballard (comedian, podcaster & writer). 


Anyone who listens to Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! on Bondi Beach Radio and the iTunes podcast every week, will know that I am a massive fan and believer in chasing your dreams in the pursuit of happiness. 

This week I am excited to have award-winning Australian comedian, podcaster & writer, Tom Ballard on Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! to promote his 2017 stand-up show Tom Ballard – ‘Problematic’, LIVE at Giant Dwarf this Thursday 4th – Sunday 7th May as part of Sydney Comedy Festival.

Over the past 2 years since our last recording together, Tom’s stand-up comedy career has been on a sharp rise to the top, enjoying nominations for Best Show at both Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016, his American television debut on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle at Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival, his political podcast Like I’m A Six-Year-Old has just hit 100 episodes and continues to grow from strength to strength and at the end of 2016 he appeared in SBS’s ground-breaking series First Contact, a journey of discovery into Aboriginal Australia.

One of the joys that I have discovered that comes as a result of surrounding yourself with like-minded people also pursuing their own ambition and success, is that invariably you get to watch your friends rise to the challenge, share their journeys and celebrate your collective wins along the way.

Tom Ballard was certainly already well on his way to this success we first met 6 years ago, whilst launching triple j unearthed as a radio station back in 2011, but to then watch him have the courage to leave his role has co-host of the Tom & Alex morning show on triple j, take a leap of faith to achieve his dream of being a successful stand-up comedian and see where he’s at now just makes me so happy!

“Being your own master of your life and your passions, it’s a very powerful and important thing to do and if you have a chance to take it then grab it with both hands.” – Tom Ballard.

Never a truer word spoken, my man. Let’s get into the show!

DOWNLOAD the PODCAST – #129 Tom Ballard (comedian, podcaster & writer). 

Article & podcast by Dan Wilkinson of Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet!  🍻🎙✌🏻
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