Andrew Bongiorno. The Boy From Oz, Robert De Niro & the life of Tinsel Town | Podcast.

'Hot & Delicious Rocks The Planet' kicks it in LA with actor Andrew Bongiorno from The Boy From Oz.
‘Hot & Delicious Rocks The Planet’ kicks it in LA with actor Andrew Bongiorno from The Boy From Oz.

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 Andrew Bongiorno, star of the sold-out, twice-extended West Coast USA production of award-winning Broadway musical, The Boy From Oz, was born in a small country town like myself, has lived in many different cities/countries around the world and is striving for a life and career that dreams are made of.
Bongiorno AKA Bonge is an Australian actor who’s TV/film credits over the past 4 years in the USA include NCISNCIS: Los Angeles, Ben Affleck‘s latest Warner feature Live By Night and for the past six weeks he’s been starring in the lead role in the The Boy From Oz.
For those of you not familiar, The Boy From Oz is an Australian musical that’s already been a massive success on Broadway including 5 Tony Awards nominations including Best Musical and Australia’s very own Hugh Jackman winning Best Actor in a Musical.
The Boy From Oz focuses on the extraordinary life of legendary singer/songwriter Peter Allen, from his birth in 1944 and humble beginnings to his meteoric rise to fame as an international star. The story covers Peter’s life and career in Australia and the United States, as well as his relationships with the legendary singing stars Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli.
Studying the same 3 year acting degree as Hugh Jackman & taught by the late Oscar nominee writer of The Boy From Oz – Nick Enright, Bongiorno has been living in the USA for the past 4.5 years and in today’s podcast we discuss what it’s like to be living & working as an Australian actor in Los Angeles, meeting & being starstruck backstage by Robert De NiroE & Turtle from Entourage, some of the amazing hikes on offer in the Santa Monica Mountains that surround Los Angeles, his earliest ever memory in Papua New Guinea and much, much more.
I often talk on my podcast about one of the keys to success being to surround yourself with individuals who inspire you, no matter what industry you work in and for me, Andrew Bongiorno, AKA Bonge to his friends, is one of those.
Like The Boy From Oz, this inspiring podcast is all about following your ambition, living your dreams & life to the fullest and it is a bloody ripper!
I’m proud of you, man. Let’s get amongst it! 

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