Espree Devora. WeAreLATech creator. Connecting start-ups & entreprenuers in LA’s Silicon Beach community | Podcast

Espree Devora (WeAreLATech) on the Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast.
Espree Devora (WeAreLATech) on the Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast.

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If you’re a tech/start-up buff and always wanted to work in San Francisco, then what you may not know about the USA is that while San Francisco is a hive of activity in the tech and start-up world, both Silicon Beach and Pasadena in Los Angeles are also key communities where a lot of the magic happens that comes out of the USA.
Espree Devora is the creator of WeAreLATech, a hub for start-ups/entrepreneurs and regular event series created to connect to resources in the Silicon Beach community, the region of the Los Angeles metropolitan area that is home to over 500 tech startup companies.
I first met Espree at LA Podcast Festival last year where she was hosting a panel on “Podcasting as a Business” panel with Paul R. Gilmartin of the “The Mental Illness Happy Hour” podcast and then bumped into her at the SXSW Official Podcasters Meet-up just a few months back in Austin.
A speaker & panel moderator, Espree has provided seminars in interactive content and social media to many corporations and universities including Disney, CBS, Georgetown MBA & more!
In today’s fascinating chat, we talk at length about the use artificial intelligence and robot virtual assistants, the LA tech scene and some of its thriving start-ups such as Nail Snaps, Cuddli dating app for geeks, Krue . TV, the Women In Tech Show (podcast) and inspiring women in the business world, outsourcing your online dating (yes, I’m serious) Espree’s top tips for making a start in the start-up world, WeAreLATech and SO much more!
This one’s an absolute gem! Let’s get into it!

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CLICK HERE to listen to our podcast exclusive interview with 80 Espree Devora (founder of in full via iTunes.

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