Hilarious new podcast with US comedian Murray Valeriano on religion, Road Stories & Son of a Preacher Man.

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Hilarious & insightful chats with American stand-up comedian Murray Valeriano.
Hilarious & insightful chats with American stand-up comedian Murray Valeriano.

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I love that I’ve lived my life based on gut instinct, craving the desire to learn, evolve and constantly pursue new opportunities.
This attitude, born of a lust for life, happiness, a want to love myself and my life lead me to Los Angeles last year to run social media for LA Podcast Festival.
These days I rarely do stuff for cheap or for free, unless it’s for business development, a close friend or a cause that I believe in. In the case of LA Podfest, it’s a little of column A, but predominantly as I want to ensure that I do the right thing by the US government and only pursue work opportunities through legal channels, if & when I do have the legal right to work in the USA… but O1 Visas are a whole other story… 😃
Anyway, LA Podfest has forever changed my life – I’ve met so many wonderful people from around the world including my own podcast fans, my now producer and become friends with an array of talented, enigmatic, giving and hilarious comedians and one of those is American stand-up comedian & ‘Road Stories’ podcaster, Murray Valeriano.
Born in Memphis, Tennessee, the son of an ex-military born again preacher, Murray Valeriano has travelled and live all over the USA and eventually followed up on his dreams of living in California.
In today’s chat at my West Hollywood pad, we chat about what it was like to grow up as the son of a preacher man, the ‘Road Stories’ podcast that Murray records with top comedians about their stories and life on the road as a stand-up comic, the challenges of writing a new hour on religion in a country like America, where even daring to raise the topic can turn a crowd in seconds, my own beliefs and thoughts on religion, the best ever heckles he’s ever had, balancing his life in Santa Monica with movie industry wife and young son, Frank, with his career, podcast and surfing and lots, lots more.
I love that at a young age that I opened up my mind up to meeting new people and not being afraid to take a leap of faith based purely on gut instinct. It’s lead me to so many mind-blowing and wonderful opportunities that I’ve never dreamed of and making inspiring new friends like Murray Valeriano.
Let’s jump into it…

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CLICK HERE to listen to our podcast exclusive interview with Murray Valeriano (stand-up comedian & ‘Road Stories’) podcaster in full via iTunes.

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